Jaime Geaga

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Jaime Geaga

Template:TOCnestleft Jaime Geaga worked at Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Filippino Task Force on AIDS. ‎Owner, Sanborn Guest House.

He is the brother of Wicks Geaga.

Filipino activists

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With Fe P. Koons, Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Jaime Geaga and Myrla Baldonado.

Union of Democratic Filipinos

Jaime Geaga was a member of the Union of Democratic Filipinos.[1]


In 1978 Geaga was Southern California chairman of the Union of Democratic Filipinos.

FWC 1978

Jaime Geaga was Los Angeles contact for the Far West Convention at UCLA in 1978.[2]

Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression


Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression was a 1980 call by Marxist-Leninists of The Trend, most of whom were Line of March activists, for a national conference on "Racism and National Oppression" to be held in the summer of 1981 in New York or the Bay Area.

Signers from Los Angeles were;

Los Angeles District Line of March Groups?



In a circa 1980 report "Consolidated rectification forces", in the Los Angeles area were named as Bruce Embrey, Joe Hicks, Michael Downing, Francoise Spaulding, Virgie Sanchez, William Bollinger, Dan Lund, Laurin Mayeno, Mike Silverberg, Ceci Kahn, Jaime Geaga, Cyrus Keller, Marilyn Taylor.

LOM Gay and Lesbian Conference

The invitation list for a mid '80s Line of March gay and lesbian conference included these names;



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