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Jackie Goldberg

Jacqueline (Jackie) Goldberg (born November 18, 1944) is the wife of Sharon Stricker and sister of Art Goldberg. Her real name was Jacqueline Goldberg and it appears in a number of congressional hearings and reports as such, though "Jackie" sometimes is also used for her.

Two-term State Assemblywoman representing the 45 th District in Los Angeles, Goldberg served on the Los Angeles City Council for two terms, where she authored Los Angeles’ nationally-recognized Living Wage Ordinance. She was a classroom teacher until 1983 and a Los Angeles Unified School Board member from 1983-1991. [1]

Jackie Goldberg, has been a Marxist leader since the 1960's, usually involved in Communist Party USA (CPUSA) fronts and affairs. though she did have associational contacts with the Trotskyites of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and its' youth arm, the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) for a while in Chicago and possibly New York before establishing a political career in California.

DSA member/LAUSD School Board

Back in January, the entire Los Angeles chapter overwhelmingly voted to approve the Electoral Politics Committees endorsement proposal to endorse DSA-LA member Jackie Goldberg. This is a crucial election — if Jackie wins in the General Election on May 14, that means that the teachers can consolidate the gains they made in the UTLA strike, and stave off the threat of privatization from the charter school lobby.[2]

DSA support

When longtime leftist and DSA member Jackie Goldberg ran for a seat on the Los Angeles United School District Board of Education, the local chapter partnered with Eastside Padres Contra la Privatizacion, an all-volunteer group that self-organized to fight charter school expansion in East LA and Boyle Heights. Together, DSA-LA and Eastside Padres canvassed for Goldberg in neighborhoods typically neglected by electoral campaigns: communities of color in which the vast majority of residents are immigrants. “It’s important for our credibility and effectiveness to establish the expectation that intentional relationship building is what DSA does,” said Francisco Cendejas, a DSA-LA member. “Why unilaterally send our canvassers somewhere we haven’t been when we have the better option of partnering with good allies?” [3]

Student Mobilization Committee

The Student Mobilization Committee (SMC) was set up by both the CPUSA and their rivals the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in late 1966 but became a functional national organization in early 1967. Details of the history of the early SMC can be found in the HCUA Report "Communist Origin and Manipulation of Vietnam Week (April 8-15, 1967), March 31, 1967. They would later be taken over completely by the SWP and its' youth arm, the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) and supporters.

Goldberg was identified in this report's section on the SMC as a leader of the Chicago SMC chapter (1967), located in the office of the Chicago Peace Council (CPC), a thoroughly CPUSA-dominated organization (p. 52).

Goldberg and International Soviet Fronts and Activities

According to a House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) report from March 31, 1967, p. 52, Jacqueline Goldberg was involved in several key Soviet and CPUSA front operations. The report stated the following:

"Miss Goldberg attended the Fifth World Congress of Women, World Congress of Women (WCW) held in Moscow in 1963 under the auspices of the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF), a worldwide Communist front founded in 1945 to promote the Soviet party line. In 1965, she served on the policy committee of the American Youth Festival Committee (AYFC) which was set up to promote attendance by U.S. youth and students at the Communist-planned Ninth World Youth Festival World Youth Festival (WYF). As previously mentioned, she was associated with Bettina Aptheker in the leadership of the Free Speech Movement (FSM) at the University of California." (KW-(Berkeley).[4].

Free Speech Movement

Mario Savio atop the police car holding FSM organizer Jack Weinberg via news.berkeley.edu
The "Free Speech Movement took place at UC Berkeley from Sept. 10, 1964, through Jan. 4, 1965. [5][6] It was a "student protest...under the informal leadership of students Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg, Michael Rossman, Brian Turner, Bettina Aptheker, Steve Weissman, Art Goldberg, Jackie Goldberg..."

The FSM "was a struggle by students over the right to engage in political speech on campus, which helped to catalyze broader political activism on campuses around the country over student rights, civil rights and the Vietnam War."[7]

Tribute to Ben Dobbs

On Sunday, June 7, 1981, the Los Angeles Chapter of the New American Movement sponsored a Tribute to Ben Dobbs for "His lifelong commitment to socialism". The event was held at the Miramar-Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, California. Sponsors of the event included Jackie Goldberg.[8]

Greeting Chris Hani

More than 250 labor, peace, civil rights and political leaders greeted South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani at his April 27, appearance in Los Angeles. The crowd contributed more than $12,000 towards the People's Weekly World fund drive and the work of the South African Communist Party.

Los Angeles City Council member Robert Farrell, presented Hani with a resolution signed by Mayor Tom Bradley and City Council president John Ferraro, welcoming him as "one of the most highly respected and powerful voices of the anti Apartheid movement."

The welcoming committee included reps Maxine Waters, Mervyn Dymally and Matthew Martinez, State senator Diane Watson, Los Angeles School board president Jackie Goldberg and more than 30 labor, civic and entertainment leaders including Cesar Chavez of the United Farmworkers.

Waters sent a letter of greeting to Hani and Yengeni saying, "as the struggle within South Africa continues to develop from one stage to the next, please be assured that all of us will continue to be at your side. Your struggle is our struggle".

Evelina Alarcon, chair of the Southern California district of the Communist Party USA, introduced Hani, She drew rousing cheers as she pledged, on behalf of the audience and the welcoming committee, continued efforts to maintain sanctions against South Africa.[9]

"Los Angeles Remembers"

  • Dr. Martha Nathan, widow of Dr. Michael Nathan.
  • Willena Cannon, who was arrested on Nov. 3;
  • Frankie Powell, "who was 8 months pregnant when she was shot by the Klan and Nazi caravan".
  • Mary Trevor, "who wrote several songs about the Greensboro Massacre and performed 20 years earlier at the funeral march, provide musical entertainment"

Also in attendance were:

  • Mayor Judy Chu - Monterey Park, "dedicated the evening to Linda Mitchell a longtime ardent supporter of the GJF, who passed away suddenly in July, 1999. A candle-lighting ceremony evoked the memory of the lives of each of the Greensboro martyrs".
  • Prof. Jose Calderon read a poem.

"WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! Take Back the Country"

"WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! Take Back the Country" Conference, with Rob Reiner, Robert Reich, Robert Rosendahl, Rep. Hilda Solis, Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ed Begley, Jr., Robert Borosage, Vincent Bugliosi, Warren Beatty, Susan Lerner, Rep. Maxine Waters, Roy Ulrich, Medea Benjamin, S. David Freeman, Peter Navarro, Hon. Jackie Goldberg, Harold Meyerson, Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa, Amy Wakeland, Bob Erlenbush, Hon. Eric Garcetti, Tom Hayden, Aqella Sherrills, Parke Skelton, & Lila Garrett. Sponsored by SCADA. L.A., CA, 6/24/01.[10]

Parke Skelton support

According to Harold Meyerson of LA Weekly, it was "L.A.’s liberal operatives who helped put Villaraigosa over the top". Antonio Villaraigosa’s 2005 Mayoral victory is the crowning achievement in the career of Parke Skelton, possibly the most principled political consultant in the business, who has steered to elected office virtually every liberal pol in greater L.A. — among them, Hilda Solis, Eric Garcetti, Jackie Goldberg, Sheila Kuehl, Karen Bass and Martin Ludlow.[11]

DSA backing

In 1993 Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America was active with endorsements and campaign work in Los Angeles City Council races. The local was especially supportive of the candidacy of Jackie Goldberg, a progressive, openly gay former school board member.[12]

DSA award

Jackie Goldberg receives DSA award from Paula Litt

Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America's November 13. 1993 Debs-Thomas Dinner, honored Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union leader Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles City Council member Jackie Goldberg, and longtime activist Donna Wilkinson.[13]

"Westside Friends of Jackie Goldberg"

From a letter from Westside Friends of Jackie Goldberg, dated January 15, 1993.

Dear Friends
We are writing to invite you to support Jackie Goldberg's candidacy for the Los Angeles City Council, 13th District.

It is our hope that you will join with us and other Westside progressive activists at a fundraising party for Jackie on Tuesday, February 9th, 7.30pm at the home of Sarah Pillsbury and Richard Kletter in Santa Monica, 514 Palisades Avenue.
Jackie, as a community organizer, inner city teacher, School Board member, advisor to Supervisor Gloria Molina on children's issues, and member of the Board of Governors of AIDS Project Los Angeles, has proven time and again she can bring people together to seek creative solutions. Jackie is the kind of leader we need to oversee the rebuilding of diverse and vibrant Los Angeles.

Jackie Goldberg has participated in the struggle for social and economic justice from her youngest days. She was involved in student issues at U.C. Berkeley, the anti-Vietnam war movement, the civil rights movement, plus many other peace and social justice causes over the last 30 years. Her global perspective has enhanced her commitment to the solid, pragmatic community issues at the heart of any struggle for progress and equality.
The 13th District is the open seat being vacated by Mike Woo, and includes Silverlake, Hollywood, Mt. Washington, Echo Park, Atwater and Temple-Beaudry. Jackie has lived in the 13th District since 1967 and has an unmatched record of community action, including involvement in the "Save Elysian Park" committee, child care programs and affordable housing.

It is crucial for progressive activists in diverse parts of Los Angeles to support Jackie's efforts. Her commitment to her community has come at the price of personal sacrifice. Jackie has no wealthy family to support her campaign. Her teaching and years on the Board of Education have barely supported her family. She will not accept donations from large developers, but will rely on those committed to rebuilding Los Angeles for all its residents.

We are requesting a $50 per person donation ($25 hardship) -- and hope you can bring friends with you. If you are unable to attend, please send a generous gift anyway. The donation limit for each individual is $500, and checks should be made out to "Friends of Jackie Goldberg".
A victory for Jackie Goldberg in the April election will be a major victory for the progressive movement in Los Angeles.

Please help make it happen.

Signed by;

Socialists organize to "challenge for power" in Los Angeles

Trevor email 1 (3).jpg

On March 11, 1998, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America leader Steve Tarzynski wrote an email to another Los Angeles DSA leader Harold Meyerson.

Tarzynski listed 25 people he thought should be on an "A-list" of "25 or so leaders/activists/intellectuals and/or "eminent persons" who would gather periodically to theorize/strategize about how to rebuild a progressive movement in our metropolitan area that could challenge for power."

Tarzynski listed himself, Harold Meyerson, Karen Bass, Sylvia Castillo, Gary Phillips, Joe Hicks, Richard Rothstein, Steve Cancian, Larry Frank, Torie Osborn, Rudy Acuna, Aris Anagnos, Abby Arnold, Carl Boggs, Blase Bonpane, Rick Brown, Stanley Sheinbaum, Alice Callahan, Jim Conn, Peter Dreier, Maria Elena Durazo, Miguel Contreras, Mike Davis, Bill Gallegos, Bob Gottlieb, Kent Wong, Russell Jacoby, Bong Hwan Kim, Paula Litt (and Barry Litt, with a question mark), Peter Olney, Derek Shearer, Clancy Sigal and Anthony Thigpenn.

Included in a suggested elected officials sub-group were Mark Ridley-Thomas, Gloria Romero, Jackie Goldberg, Gil Cedillo, Tom Hayden, Antonio Villaraigosa, Paul Rosenstein and Congressmen Xavier Becerra, Henry Waxman and Maxine Waters.

Tarzynski went on to write "I think we should limit the group to 25 max, otherwise group dynamics begins to break down....As i said, I would like this to take place in a nice place with good food and drink...it should properly be an all day event."

The Next Agenda Conference

Progressive LA: The Next Agenda Conference was held On October 20, 2001 in Los Angeles at the California Science Center.

The Progressive Los Angeles Network (PLAN) and the Institute for America’s Future "will co-sponsor an important conference -- the Next Agenda Conference -- designed to celebrate recent victories, build upon Los Angeles’ progressive momentum, and link local issues with a national progressive agenda. The conference will also help solidify a more strategic and integrated progressive movement in Los Angeles".

Speakers included Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg[14]

Cesar Chavez rally

On November 6 1999, a rally was held in Los Angeles, at Placita Olvera kiosk, calling for a holiday to mark the birth of Cesar Chavez. Contact for the rally was Evelina Alarcon of the United Farm Workers and the Communist Party USA.

Speakers included Dolores Huerta of the UFW, and Majority leader of the California State Senate, Richard Alarcon, who introduced Senate Bill-984, which would make March 31, Chavez's birthday a paid public holiday.

Also speaking were Los Angeles Board of Supervisors member Gloria Molina, who introduced a similar measure at county level, Art Pulaski, of the California State Federation of Labor executive, Los Angeles City Council member Jackie Goldberg, Los Angeles Federation of Labor executive member Miguel Contreras, and Paul Chavez, son of Cesar, and president of the National Farm Worker Service Center.[15]

California State Assembly

Goldberg is a former member of the California State Assembly where she served from 2000 - 2006.

Gay Rights Movement

Sharon Stricker and Jackie Goldberg at their wedding, March 9, 2004

On Sept. 19 2003, California Governor Gray Davis signed measure AB-205 in San Francisco, California. Measure AB-205 is the domestic partners rights and responsibilities act of 2003. The measure, authored by Jackie Goldberg, grants same-sex domestic partners nearly all the rights, benefits and responsibilities currently only granted to married spouses.[16]

Endorsed Marcy Winograd

In 2006 Jackie Goldberg a former California Assembly Member was a National and State endorser of Marcy Winograd of the Los Angeles Progressive Democrats of America in her unsuccessful primary bid for the Democratic Party nomination 26th Congressional District in California.[17]

Liberty Hill Foundation

As at 2009, Jackie Goldberg was a member of the Advisory Board of the Liberty Hill Foundation, a Los Angeles based organization seeking to advance movements for social change through a combination of grants, leadership training and alliance-building.[18]

Chicano movement

The 40th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the Chicano Moratoriums was formed in the summer 2009 by the Chair of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee of August 29, 1970 along with two independent Chicano Movement historians whom although not of the baby boomer generation, have become inspired by the Movimiento.

The organization posted a list of significant “Chicano movement” activists on its website which included Jackie Goldberg.[19]


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