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Jack Suria Linares is a Los Angeles activist. He was born and raised in Los Angeles to Salvadoran immigrants, where he currently resides. He received his master’s degree in Labor Studies at the CUNY-Murphy Institute, School of Labor and Urban Studies in New York City, and works in education policy. He is a member of the Collective Power Network and currently serves as branch coordinator for DSA-LA.[1]

DSA International Committee

Democratic Socialists of America International Committee members in 2019 included Ethan Earle, Ella Wind, Isaac Miller, Sanjiv Gupta, Penny Schantz, Jared Abbott, Brandon Rey Ramirez and Jack Suria Linares.

2019 DSA-LA National Convention Delegates Candidates

DSA-LA has 47 delegate spots available and have received 69 candidate submissions. Due to the large number of candidates and slots, this ballot is using Approval Voting rather than block voting: vote for as many candidates as you feel comfortable representing DSA-LA at the convention. Voting will close on June 15th at 11:59pm. Should delegates be unable to attend the convention for any reason, they will be replaced by delegate alternates in order of votes.

Candidates included Jack Suria Linares.

Bernie 2020 Working Group supporters


Katrina Bergstrom July 27 2019·

DSA-LA members!

You should have received a link last night to vote for the creation of DSA-LA’s Bernie 2020 Working Group - please vote YES today!

Voting is open for one week. ... See More — with Alex Wolinetz, Amarnath Ravva, Zenaida Huerta, Angelica Duenas, Olivia Gamboa, Shawnee Badger, Wendy Fagioli Ruiz, Marlin Medrano, Bobbie McGowan, Joshua Smith, Henry Huerta, Ezra Pugh, Lisa Kendall, Jeanna Harris, Kristina Meshelski, Nick Roth, Erika Feresten, Tina Fredericks, Jeanine Rohn, Jane Demian, Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla, Andrew Swetland, Aaron Balanta Holloway, Hsingii Tseng Bird, Josh Goodman, Isaac Lieberman, Ankur Patel, Sophie Eupp, Brandon Rey Ramirez, Chris Roth, Taiji Miyagawa, Symone Baptiste, Gabe Gabrielsky, Reed Heisley-Shellaby, Rachel Miller, Jack Suria Linares, Jeremy White, Mason Mineo, Gabbi Pierce, Rebecca Prediletto, Don Ward, Mark Masaoka, Rachel Reyes, Jessica Salans, Nina Eliasoph, Francisco Cendejas, Una Lee Jost, Paul Song, Don Irwin, Chris Myers, Charles Du, Eugene Pesikov, Katrina Bleckley, Kat Valentine, Rob Quan, Jenni Chang, Tom Pike, Evan Geary and Maikiko James.

Standing for AD 53

In 2019 Jack Suria Linares stood from AD 53 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Jack is an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America-Los Angeles. Born and raised in the MacArthur Park area, he has seen how the community has strived and changed over the years. His parents arrived to Los Angeles from El Salvador in the 1990s and participated in union and transit struggles.

Jack attended the public education system and graduated in 2011 from the RFK Community Schools. At an early age, he was involved social justice campaigns that led him to earn Bachelor’s in History from Hamilton College and Master’s in Labor Studies from CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. He remains grounded to the community, especially around reducing and eliminating wage theft and supporting a living wage. Over the years he has grown weary that Los Angeles is not paying attention to working-class and immigrant issues. He will push for policies that support social housing, single-payer health insurance, and a new green deal. He is running to voice the issues of primary concern of the people living in the area, regardless of citizenship.[2]


Vassar YDS Public Facebook Group

Members of the Vassar Young Democratic Socialists public Facebook group, active circa 2013, accessed September 5, 2017 included Jack Suria Linares.[3]

Coordinating Committee of the Young Democratic Socialists


DSA connection


Jack Suria-Linares is involved with Democratic Socialists of America.

Generation Left: Millennials Building the Next Socialist Movement

"Generation Left: Millennials Building the Next Socialist Movement" Mayday Community Space, 214 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY, Friday 12 February 2016, 18:00 till Sunday 14 February 2016, organized by Young Democratic Socialists.

This year’s event comes at an unprecedented time for socialism in the United States. Polls show the growing popularity of democratic socialism and the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign among people under 35.

Those indicating intention to attend on the Wherevent website included Bhaskar Sunkara, David Littman, Emma Lucia Llano, Mark Benjamin Vondrasek, Andrew Shelton, Jameson Goetz , Chris Maisano , Ryan Bruckenthal , Juan Antonio Hernandez, John Guzek, Daniel Moraff, Joseph Schwartz, Joshua Nodiff, Heidi Easton Chua Schwa, Rahel Biru, Winnie Wong, Brandon Kemp, Sara Ali, Neal Meyer, Michele Rossi, Valencia Barbosa-Ferrer, Jason Hugh Korzelius, Mercy Villa, Barry Goldberg, Spencer Brown, Paul Goodspeed, Alex Kudeyar, Joey Iannitelli, Sean Bailey, Kayla Popuchet, Ben Packer, Alex Nitecki, Alex Nitecki, Bruce Haskin, Noelle Flan, Adam Goldman, Patrick Bon Tonissen, Patrick Bon Tonissen, Ethan Earle, Jack Suria Linares, John Richard Nolan, Byrne Hollander, Meryssa Dickerson, David Duhalde, Riaasa Muntaz, Desiree Feliciano, Louie Messina, David Lorenzo III, Priscilla Cordero, Kelsey Fatu Lizotte, Sean Monahan, Tonee Burley, Diana Dang, Orlando Escobar, Claudia Marroquin, Michelle Denise Fisher, Hoang Do, Kate Bush, Nora Evita Aresti Osis, J-anie Segui, Michael Brandini, Jake Burger, Ashley Rodriguez, Darci Collins, Shlomo Boukai, Russell David, Jonny Tsunami Iezin, Ryan Adler-Levine, Shelby Murphy, Karie Ames, Adam Cardo, Eric Dolan.[5]

Dump Trump

DUMP TRUMP, DEFEAT RACISM AND MISOGYNY, BUILD THE LEFT was an open letter to the left from 47 grassroots organizers. October 17, 2016.

A lot of us see something really clearly, but few of us—radical and revolutionary organizers—are willing to say it out loud.
So we’re going to say it. Defeating Trump in the presidential election is a top priority for the left. And at a minimum, that means mobilizing voters for Hillary Clinton in swing states even if you vote for another candidate in a safe state. We’ve got to beat Trump and Trumpism while building movements that will fight, resist and disrupt a Clinton administration that will be militaristic and pro-corporate...
As we mentioned at the beginning, defeating Trump is not enough. We need movements strong enough to fight a Clinton administration on several fronts—whether Israel/Palestine, free trade agreements, climate change, a $15 minimum wage, or the prison-industrial complex. And neutralizing the appeal of the far right means we need to both strengthen our movements for racial justice and win over white workers to a progressive class politics as an alternative to Trump’s racist economic nationalism. Finally, we need to build a left that can help anchor a visionary alternative to corporate Democrats. It won’t be easy, but we’ve come this far. Let’s defend what we’ve got in this election, and keep our eye on collective liberation.

Signatories included Jack Suria-Linares, immigrant rights and labor activist, Democratic Socialists of America.

NPC candidate

In August 2017 Jack Suria-Linares stood for election to the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee, at the National Convention in Chicago.[6]

Democratic Socialists of America Unity

Jack Suria-Linares supported the Democratic Socialists of America Unity grouping, established for the 2017 Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Chicago.[7]

DSA NPC candidate

In August 2017 Jack Suria Linares stood for election to the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee, at the National Convention in Chicago, from Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America.[8]

Immediately after the Rodney King “riots” and fleeing the Salvadoran Civil War, I emerged out of my mother’s womb to a Los Angeles engaged in political unrest. As a result, my parents never supported political work, but they silently engaged in economic struggles in their workplaces and at home. By the time I reached 8, I was already involved in labor solidarity with my father at the SEIU Justice for Janitors campaign and with my mother at her housekeeping jobs.
When I turned 14, I began attending the Central American Resource Center’s youth leadership program which rejuvenated my ethics. CARECEN led me to realize my passion in history, political-economy, and culture. They taught me about Salvador Allende and Archbishop Oscar Romero. When I entered Hamilton College in the Fall of 2011, Occupy Wall Street emerged. To my disappointment the student body did not reflect the attitudes of Occupy, but this changed in 2014 when students walked out of their classes and held the biggest protest in the history of the school. On January 2014, I joined Democratic Socialists of America after my college advisor and author of Michael Harrington’s biography, Maurice Isserman, suggested that I intern at the National Office. There I met Neal Meyer, the national youth organizer at the time, who convinced me to begin a YDS chapter at Hamilton leading to a strong on-campus presence. In 2015 I ran for an at-large position for the YDS coordinating committee intending to address and include a racial justice agenda in YDS.
During my three and half years in DSA I have worked primarily on racial justice campaigns and somewhat in international and labor campaigns. Two of those years I have been elected as an at-large member of the YDS national coordinating committee. My first concrete success came with the establishment of the Hamilton Democratic Socialists. We held private weekly political education meetings and monthly public events. We invited both Joe Schwartz and the 2015 national youth organizer to speak to an audience of about 30 people. Our presence on campus led to collaboration with the Women’s Center and the Black and Latino Student Union. In addition, we led the efforts to organize the student body to attend a NYC march by pressuring the President, faculty, and administration to support a Bus “Freedom Rides” trip. We intended to connect the events that occurred in Ferguson to the lack of political education within the school’s curriculum. By 2016, Hamilton students succeeded in establishing a diversity requirement curriculum.
Alongside Dan La Botz, I attended the 2016 Sao Paulo Forum as DSA observers in order to get an understanding of Left international politics and what our relationship should be to other Left formations outside the Socialist International. While La Botz focused on the larger organizations, I focused on its youth wings. As usual, youth wings have more inclination to radical movement politics and a larger democratic say. Overall, we concluded that DSA should not join the Sau Paulo Forum but organize with the organizations working in the United States such as the FMLN. During my summers and winters I return to Los Angeles from NY and support my local chapter to the best of my ability. In 2014, I helped reboot the social media presence of DSA-LA leading to several new members and folks who had previously been less involved such as Brandon Rey Ramirez. In 2015, I helped initiate the DSA Sanders Campaign including tabling at schools and having one-on ones with potential YDS chapter leaders. We established contacts with folks in USC and also others organizing around the Sanders campaign. This crucial component led to the rebirth of the Los Angeles chapter in 2016. We are now the second largest chapter in the nation that emphasizes support for smaller chapters..[9]

DSA Friends and Comrades coalition

The DSA Friends and Comrades coalition stood several people for DSA national Political committee at the Democratic Socialists of America August 2017 National Convention in Chicago.

According to John Michael Colon;

The DSA Friends and Comrades coalition is something that came out of DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus members and was organized by LSC members informally and hasn't been approved by the group. We wish them well, and some of us will vote for them and promote them on our social media, but they don't represent the LSC. Next convention we aim to organize a primary and democratic process to put forward a slate. [10]

Members who stood were Dele Balogun, Jordan Buchman, Jetta Rae Robertson, Alexandra Dudley, John Hieronymus, Alexander Kolokotronis, Brad McGarr, Jack Suria Linares, Dan Pozzie, Brandon Payton-Carrillo.[11]

DSA Immigrants Rights Committee

In September 2017 Jack Suria Linares of the Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America Sanctuary City Working Group, was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America Immigrants Rights Committee.[12]

YDS leaders

Young Democratic Socialists - Leaders is a closed Facebook group for leaders of their Young Democratic Socialists chapters.

As of June 17, 2017, members included Jack Suria Linares.[13]

DSA-LA 2018 Local officer election results

Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America Local officer election results released November 2017;[14]

At large officers

  • Jack Suria Linares - not elected


In 2019 Jack Suria Linares served on the Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America steering committee at-large.