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Public Facebook Group

Members of the DSA San Diego - North County Branch public Facebook Group - January 13 2021 included Iyad Afalqa.

Joint Progressive Caucus & Arab American Caucus Agenda


Joint Progressive Caucus & Arab American Caucus Agenda, California Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting Sat., Nov.18, 2017 (8:15-10:15) The Westin SF Airport 1 Old Bayshore Highway, Millbrae, CA 94030.

  • Election for Progressive Caucus Communications & Media Officer, PC Secretary Marcy Winograd introduces the candidates.
  • Update on the impact of Trump’s Muslim Ban – Speaker from CAIR-SF.
  • UPTE-CWA Presentation: The $48 Fix/Reclaim California’s Master Plan for Higher Education – Speaker: Jonathan Abboud.
  • Update on anti-BDS legislation – Speakers: David Mandel and Iyad Afalqa
  • Autopsy Report: The Democratic Party in Crisis – Speaker: Karen Bernal[1]

Arab American Caucus Meeting Minutes: August 26, 2017


CA Democratic Party Summer E-board Meeting Minutes: August 26, 2017, Arab American Caucus Meeting Minutes, Sheraton Park Hotel Resort 1855 South Harbor Boulevard. Anaheim, CA.

Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Iyad Afalqa at 8:15 p.m. Officers present: Iyad Afalqa, Ahmed Zahra, Hosam Haggag, Sara Abed. Welcome Opening Remarks were delivered by Chairman Iyad Afalqa. Chairman made a motion to move the approval of minutes to the time spot after the panel to meet Congressman Khana traveling schedule. Motion was accepted and seconded by Southern California Vice Chair, Ahmed Zahra.

At 8:17 Chairman introduced North California Vice Chair Hosam Haggag to moderate The panel: Protecting Our First Amendment: A Panel Review of the Anti-BDS Bill . Along with the Anti-BDS bill and the turmoil that was sparked in Charlottesville, there's a lot of chatter about the 1st Amendment.


At 9:25 p.m. Chairman read the minutes. Amira Abed, Secretary was absent to attend to an emergent matter. Minutes were approved. At 9:28 p.m. Sara Abed, Treasurer delivered the Treasurer’s Report. At 9:30 p.m. Chairman Iyad Afalqa delivered his report followed by Vice Chair, N. Cal. Report – Hosam Haggag and Vice Chair, S. Cal. Report – Ahmad Zahra.

At 9:41 p.m. Elected Officials and Candidates Addressed the Caucus members, followed at 10:00 p.m. Guest Speakers addresses.

Rashad Al-Dabbagh, Executive Director of the Arab American Council and Monica Brasov-Curca of Activate Labs delivered a presentation about the release of the Refugees Welcome Guide. Followed by a status report on Civil rights by Basim Elkarra, Executive Director of CAIR - Sacramento Valley Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m. by the chairman.[2]

CA 45 Berniecrats

Bill Honigman May 2, 2016:


With Ron Varasteh, Marleen Gillespie, Iyad Afalqa, Samila Amany and Mani Kang in Irvine, California.

CA Bernie delegates

Bill Honigman August 1, 2016:


With my peeps, the CA Bernie delegates, a beehive of heart and soul. I love you all. :-) — with Henry Huerta, Marcia Martin, Zenaida Huerta, Samila Amany, Gilbert Cedillo, Jose Navarrete, Iyad Afalqa and Angelica Duenas.

Standing for AD 74

In 2019 Iyad Afalqa stood from AD 74 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I am running because I strongly believe that we need a new bolder leadership culture in our party so we can protect our Blue Wave. Because we can not be the party of the main street and Wall Street at the same time. We can not be the Party of “Yes We Can” and “No We Cannot” at the same time. We need a strong voice for small “d” democratic reform. We need more investment in grassroots organizing so we advance Socioeconomic Justice, Immigration Reform, Workers Rights, Marriage Equality and Medicare For All, Sensible Gun Control, Green New Deal, Women Reproductive Health, and Animal Rights.

I am a college professor where I teach at several universities across Southern California. I’m a Community Builder, Game Changer and a Mentor. As a lifelong Progressive Democrat and grassroots community organizer for the past two decades, I was honored to be elected and serve within the ranks of our Democratic Party in different capacity. I served as an Executive Board Member (3 Terms), Assembly District Delegate (3 Terms), Past Chair of the Democrats of Greater Irvine, a 2016 DNC Delegate, a 2016 DNC Candidate, the chair of the Arab American Caucus & ranking member of the Affirmative Action State Standing Committee. Since my election as a delegate in 2013, I never missed a convention or an executive board meeting, and made sure that Orange County presence is noticed.

As the Chairman of the Arab American Caucus, I played an instrumental role in community organizing, capacity building, and coordinated campaigns for Progressive Democratic candidates across the state, up and down the ballot. I also created and set up one of its kind training seminars on CA DEM Party Structure so we ensure that new Democrats feel welcomed, stay engaged and contribute to the growth of the party.

As a ranking member of the Affirmative Action Committee, I fought for creating constituency liaisons to expand the outreach to emerging and marginalized communities, which made party leadership fund and create GOTV short video messages to help turning Orange county Blue.

As the Chair of DGI in 2016, under my leadership, Irvine became BLUE CITY for the first time in its 45 years history, doubled the paid membership and made the club number one in finance, organizational structure and reform. In the 2016 elections, I helped with engineering Democrats WIN in 6 swing states..[3]

Unity Party at Democrats of Greater Irvine

Bill Honigman June 17, 2018:


Packed house for Unity Party at Democrats of Greater Irvine in support of candidate for Congress Katie Porter CA45, and #HealthcareNotWarfare #WindmillsNotWeapons #EducationNotIncarceration and #CorporationsAreNotPeople — feeling motivated with Iyad Afalqa.

Our Revolution SoCal OC

Tim Johnson December 9, 2018:

I love every single one of you. Seeing this group come together and really get off the ground is honestly thee biggest accomplishment of my life. Thank you Russell Allin Baldwin for reaching out to me after #Bernie2016 to start the next stage of the political revolution. And thank you so so much to Socrates Cruz, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum (Emma) & Stahsha Kay for making our leadership team complete. And a super special shout out to Jaci Lyn Iannello for totally rising to the occasion in becoming not only our lead organizer, but truly the new leader of Our Revolution SoCal OC.

To the revolution. ✊


God bless it. 💞🐦🙏 — attending ORSOC December Meeting with Yenni Diaz, Jaci Lyn Iannello, Bill Honigman, Virginia Tibbetts, Iyad Afalqa, Scott Rhinehart, Russell Allin Baldwin, Ken Warfield, Margot Tenenbaum, Jestin Samson, Socrates Cruz and Joese Gloria.

Hussam Ayloush connection

Hussam Ayloush September 15 2018:


With Congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar, in Irvine. Help Ammar rid CD50 from the corrupt Rep. Hunter.

https://www.campacampaign.com/ — with Iyad Afalqa, Rashad Al-Dabbagh and Ammar Campa-Najjar.

DNC delegate

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Muslim Democrats

Hussam Ayloush February 25 2018:


With Sabiha Khan, Amira Abed, Zara Ahmed, Samila Amany, Masih Fouladi, Iyad Afalqa, Basim Elkarra, Hanif Mohebi, Estee Chandler and Sara Abed at California Democratic Convention 2018.