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My experiences has shaped me to advocate for and work on building and strengthening Muslim and refugee communities in San Diego for over a decade where I served as a board member for multiple local community-based organizations and institutions, including the Islamic School of San Diego, Islamic Center of San Diego, Huda Community Center and countless others. I have worked to train and develop a leadership pipeline for youth and community leaders.

I served as the Director of Movement and Campaign Strategies at PANA, where I helped to build a newly founded organization to build grassroots community power through organizing, advocacy, designing and implementing a civic engagement infrastructure in refugee communities, developing leaders, and using an integrated voter engagement strategy to build a visible refugee electorate. I continue to be engaged in and work on issues that address racial disparities, social injustices, equity and inclusion for marginalized communities. I am a former co-host on Flip the Script: The Future is Female podcast which lifts up women game changers in San Diego county. I also served as a member of the Strategic Council for statewide tables Mobilizing the Immigrant Vote and Steering Committee member for Power California as well as a representative on California Calls' African-American Civic Engagement Program.

I currently serve as the National Executive Director for the Muslim American Society's Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Department.[1]

"Organizing, Solidarity, and Electoral Politics post-November 3rd"


Organizing, Solidarity, and Electoral Politics post-November 3rd: Where Does Our Muslim Generation Fit In?

Event by DSA Muslims, DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus and UC Berkeley Muslim Student Association (Cal MSA) Online with Facebook Live Thursday, October 29, 2020.

In the past few months, our Muslim generation has grappled with a crippling pandemic, an ongoing struggle for racial justice, economic fallout not seen since the Great Depression, and a politics unwilling to serve the needs of working-class Muslims all around the country.

During the discussion, we would first talk about the current moment we are facing, with crises in all directions and hope seemingly out of reach. The discussion would then pivot to our generation, the “youth,” who has the most at stake and is watching as our futures are thrown away!

Towards the end of the moderated discussion, we would discuss organizing Muslims and communities at the grassroots level, running for office, the forces of power and corruption standing in opposition, and the tangible ways for Muslim students to engage in organizing and electoral politics without sacrificing their values!

This will be followed by a Q&A period with submitted questions and live audience participation! The moderators will be Samy Amkieh and Sana Siddiq.

Our invited guests for this conversation will be Ismahan Abdullahi, Aya Saed, Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, and Olivia Katbi Smith.