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Isabel O'Neal (right) via AZCentral

Isabel O'Neal is an illegal immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Gilbert, Arizona.

Dan O'Neal and Isabel O'Neal are the parents of Belen Sisa.

March on ICE office; Jeff Sessions is 'Xenophobic'

In Sept, 2017, an article at Arizona Republic by Maria Polletta, Dianna M. Nanez and Laura Gomez-Rodriguez highlighted Isabel O'Neal:[1]

"Isabel O'Neal, the mother of prominent DACA activist Belen Sisa, said Tuesday's news left her and her family uncertain about the future.
"“This is the only country they know. They make this country better.”
"DACA allowed Sisa to enroll at ASU. She wants to become a lawyer.
""It's very sad. It's an injustice," O'Neal said, marching with a group of about 80 people to the ICE office in Phoenix.
"O'Neal, 50, called [former attorney general Jeff] Sessions's speech xenophobic.
""People who grew up here, went to school here, are in law school, medical school, pay taxes ... you don't consider them Americans?" she said. "They are not 'aliens.' "
"“This is the only country they know. They make this country better," she said.