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Irwin Corey, known to television audiences and the entertainment industry as "Professor Irwin Corey" had been a longtime far-leftist with affiliation toe the Communist Party USA, dating back at least to the 1940's.Citation through the Trotskyite "Partisan Defense Committee" "Campaign to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal of 2008. He died on February 6, 2017 at his Manhattan home.

In a 3/4 page obituary by T. Rees Shapiro in the Washington Post of February 8, 2017, Page B5 (Metro section) entitled "Comedian billed himself as 'World's Foremost Authority'", the following paragraph appeared.

"Mr. Corey grew up mostly in an orphanage and did not have a college education. In an act tinged with politics, his were squarely on the far left, although he claimed he was refused membership in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) for being an 'anarchist'."

Left Forum 2015

Progressive Satirical Activism


Irwin Corey's Early Communist Organizational Affiliations

Irwin Corey's name appears on a list of entertainers for the congressional cited Communist Party USA front, the International Workers Order (IWO), the largest and most successful CP front in history. From page 849, Section 100, "International Workers Order" in Volume One, Appendix IX, comes the description of the IWO as follows: "The International Workers Order with a membership of 155,000 and assets of $1,899,611 (Daily Worker, September 29, 1941, p. 5), is a fraternal organization which has from its very inception demonstrated by its pronouncements, its activities, and the authoritative statements of the Communist Party that it is a subservient instrument of the Communist Party of the United States. It claims over 19,000 branches and an income of over $1,000,000 annually (testimony of Max Bedacht, general secretary hearings, Vol. 10, pp. 5831, 5834). It operates in 44 States, the District of Columbia, and Canada, and is licensed in 16".

Corey's name appeared on Page 906, from a "Win The War Programs" in Appendix IX, as Exhibit 26 in the IWO section. The "Win The War Programs" exhibit 26 had the following in it: "New York District, International Workers Order, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York 11, N.Y., AL-4-2321. "Introducing the Artists". "We have spent several busy months auditioning artists for the Concert and lecture Bureau. We have talked to many more, have spread the word among all entertainers that we are seeking the best people in the field. We are ready not (sic) to give you a partial listing of artists who are on our entertainment panel.

For information about them and for definite dates consult the Concern and Lecture Bureau: (by skill, instrument, etc). "Comedians: Howard Cordrey, Irwin Corey, Muni Diamond, Bernie Herne, Fred Keating, Bernie West."

[KW: No date was listed on this document but in this volume of Appendix IX, it appeared between other documents dated 1942 and 1944].[1].

The International Workers Order (IWO) was cited as a CPUSA front 6 times in "The Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications (And Appendix)", House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA), 87th Congress, 2nd Session, House Document No. 398, Revised and published December 1, 1961 to supersede Guide published on Jan. 2, 1957" 1. Attorney General Tom Clark, letters to Loyalty Review Board released December 4, 1947, and September 21, 1948. 2. Attorney General Francis Biddle, Congressional Record (CR), September 24, 1942, p. 7688. 3. Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Annual Report, House Report 2, January 3, 1939, p. 79 and House Report 1311 on the CIO Political Action Committee, March 29, 1944, p. 181; also cited in Annual Reports, House Report 1476, January 3, 1940, p. 9, House Report 2277, June 25, 1942, p. 19. 4. Committee on Un-American Activities, House Report 1951 on the American Slav Congress, April 26, 1950, originally released June 26, 1949, p.p. 82-84 5. Special Subcommittee of the House Committee on Appropriations, Report, April 21, 1943, p. 3 6. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS) of the Senate Judiciary Committee, "Handbook for Americans, S. Doc. 117, April 23, 1956, p. 91.

Peace for Cuba Appeal

In 1994 Irwin Corey was an initiator of the International Peace for Cuba Appeal, an affiliate of the Workers World Party dominated International Action Center.

Other prominent initiators included Cuban Intelligence agent Philip Agee, academic Noam Chomsky, Congressman John Conyers and Charles Rangel[2].

Tour by Russian election eyewitness benefits World fund drive!

In the August 3, 1996 edition of the CPUSA newspaper People's Weekly World, "Tour by Russian election eyewitness benefits World fund drive!", P. 4, an article about a speaking tour by CPUSA member Scott Marshall, the "Illinois organizer for the Communist Party USA", the following pargraph appeared:

"In New York City, the veteran comedian Professor Irwin Corey and his wife Fran Corey hosted a reception at their home in Manhattan. Richard Corey regaled the throng with a song to the tune of John Brown's Body about Boris Yeltsin fiddling "as his country slips away"."

According to the PWW, the speaking tour, which included Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Connecticut and New York City, helped to raise "$8,793 for the People's Weekly World fund drive."

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

In 2008 Irwin Corey, New York signed a statement circulated by the Partisan Defense Committee calling for the release of convicted “cop-killer” Mumia Abu-Jamal.[3]



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