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Iowa DSA- Social/Non-Business public facebook group is affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

1. DSA is an intersectional organization; there is a fine line between honest debate between perspectives, and harassment. Anything deemed harassing and/or intentionally offensive/antagonistic will be deleted and penalized accordingly.
2. Good Faith: DSA members are likely to share a vast majority of the same values, and be members of the page because they want to effect positive change, while having positive discussion with others. It is easy to mistake a well-intentioned post as being passive-aggressive or indicting, especially if outside the regular positions/perspectives you’re exposed to. If someone is being hostile/disruptive toward you, privately discuss with an admin/mod and pause/exit the discussion, or attempt to reestablish a positive tone. Please avoid any responses that you feel may perpetuate or exacerbate hostile discussion (IE avoid "fighting back"). Doing so will result in a penalty.
3. "Backseat moderation": While friendly, good-spirited reminders of rules are acceptable, please do not attempt to initiate action yourself. Mods can and will miss offenses, users are expected to at most give the offender a friendly reminder and notify a mod if action has taken significant time. Arguing the rules in public, or giving multiple "reminders" on the same topic, intended to coerce the other user in some manner, are not necessary. While not immediately penalized, repeated violations of this rule will result in action.
4. You are expected to invite new users that you personally know as being prospective DSA members, and to privately moderate them while they are new to the page after directing them here. Non-DSA members are expected to exit the page if they decide against joining.
5. These rules are expected on the organizing/action page as well.[1]


Accessed September 12, 2017.[2]




More members had been added by May 23, 2018;