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The Communist Party USA newspapers and publications carried notices for many things such as May Day Greetings Cinco de Mayo Greetings, birth announcements, death announcements, "salutes" and what could be classified as "In Memoriam" or "In Loving Memory" for deceased Party members, members of their families, or for friends (almost always CPUSA-connected in one way or another).

This notices often provide linkage between one family name and another, especially showing links through marriage. Others help associate communists to particular organizations and causes. This information is especially helpful to historians of American Communism to understand the links between particular people, places and causes, such as the Wheeler family of Baltimore Maryland, those of the Pattersons, Lighfoots, Burnhams, Burroughs, Schaeffners, and others who played key roles in the leadership and operation of the CPUSA.


The following names were listed in 1995:[1]


The following names were listed in 2002:[2]

In memory of: Lauren Weinstein - 1911-2002, by Anne Werner and Leo H. Werner


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