Hillary Clinton's campaign for United States Senate in New York, 2000

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On November 7, 2000, Hillary Rodham Clinton won election to the United States Senate. Clinton won the election with 55.27 percent of the vote.

Hillary Rodham Clinton for U.S. Senate Committee

Friends of Hillary Committee

Hollywood gala

In 2000 a Hollywood fundraiser raised more than $1 million for Hillary's first Senatorial campaign. Peter Paul, the businessman who hosted the event, is also a convicted felon, which prompted the Clinton campaign to try and distance itself from Paul once that revelation was revealed in the Washington Post. Paul admitted in interviews with author Amanda Carpenter that the event was thrown as a quid-pro-quo exchange to get Bill Clinton to work as a spokesman for Paul's company.[1]

For the Hollywood gala, more than $1.1 million in in-kind contributions were made to the Hillary for Senate campaign. But only $400,000 was reported to the Federal Election Commission. Five years later, the FEC issued a brief stating that the New York State Democratic Committee had failed to disclose $721,895 in in-kind contributions.[1]

An FBI affidavit in 2002 "It appears that the true cost of the event was deliberately understated in order to increase the amount of funds available to New York Senate 2000 for federal campaign activities."[2]

After Hillary's campaign publicly denounced Paul and returned a $2,000 campaign contribution, the relationship between the parties continued. Paul mentions to the author that he was asked for an additional $100,000, even after the campaign had issued a statement indicating a severing of ties.[1]