Hillary Clinton's Earmarks

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Earmarks -- also known as pork projects -- are specific spending items stuck in appropriations bills without prior authorization. They are often "pet projects" of elected officials, using federal dollars for hyper-local projects.

Pork projects

The following are some pork projects Hillary secured for the New York region.[1]


  • $450,000 to revitalize teh College Park neighborhood of Schenectady[2]
  • $250,000 for a roof replacement and other improvements to the Lesbian and Gay Communities Services Center in New York City[2]
  • $200,000 to build paths in the Canandaigua's Lagoon Park[2]


  • $350,000 for a survey of Albany's economic growth[1]
  • $4 million for the Rochester National Center for Excellence[1]
  • $3 million for restoration of biuldings and trails among other things at the Val-Kill's Eleanor Roosevelt Center[2]


  • $250,000 for the Metropolitan Development Authroty of Syracuse and central New York's "Vision 2010"[1]
  • $250,000 for Rural Opportunities, Inc.[1]
  • $550,000 for the New York City Initiative: Music Educators for New York City[2]
  • $720,000 to replace a local motel in Schenectady[2]
  • $250,000 for a new performing arts center[2]
  • $250,000 for an indoor sports facility in Binghamton[2]
  • $250,000 to renovate the Auburn Schine Theater[2]


  • $250,000 for Broome-Tioga Works (2004)[1]
  • $5 million for a museum in Baltimore[2]
  • $949,474 for genetics and stock research at Cornell[2]
  • $2.5 million to fight Asian long-horned beetles[2]
  • $250,000 for an indoor sports field in Vestal[2]
  • $200,000 for the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum[2]
  • $250,000 for living and working space for artists in Buffalo[2]


  • $200,000 to double the Stanley Theater[2]
  • $12 million to protect the Montauk lighthouse[2]
  • $805,938 for a waste-to-energy program at Clarkson University[2]


  • $50,000 for a "golden nematode" program at Cornell[2]