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Government service

Harry Magdoff was senior economic statistician with the Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense beginning in October 1940, while Stalin was allied with Adolf Hitler. In 1942 he became head of the Production Progress Analysis Section of the War Production Board for the executive office of the Chairman. In May 1943 he became the head economist and chief of the Program and Control Records Branch of the War Production Board, Tools Division.

Magdoff was identified as a Communist spy/operative by former CPUSA member Elizabeth Bentley in her testimonies before Congress and in many books including: "Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America", John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr and Alexander Vassilliev, Yale Un. Press, 2009, and "Stalin's Secret Agents": The Subversion of Roosevelt's Government", M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein, 2012, Threhold Editions, a Division of Simon and Schuster.

Socialist Scholars Conference 1966

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1966, held September 9-11, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[1]

Contemporary Imperialism The Economics of Contemporary U.S. Imperialism


In The Times Founding sponsors

In 1976 founding sponsors of the Institute for Policy Studies/New American Movement linked socialist journal were;


In March 1979, the New York radical magazine the Guardian issued an emergency appeal to funds in an effort to save the publication.

Over fifty supporters endorsed the appeal including Harry Magdoff[3]

New American Movement

In 1981, Paul Sweezy, Bobbye Oritz, Harry Magdoff and Jules Geller of the Monthly Review magazine congratulated the New American Movement on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.[4]

IPS connection

Harry Magdoff was a memberof the Institute for Policy Studies 20th Anniversary celebrations committee which organized an April 5, 1983, reception at the National Building Museum attended by approximately l,000 IPS staffers and former staff.[5]

Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1990, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[6]

Collapse of the Financial System

Socialist Scholars Conference

Harry Magdoff, Monthly Review, Bill Tabb, Queens College, Renate Bridenthal, Brooklyn College and Samir Amin, Senegal were speakers on the Imperialism and the New World Order panel sponsored by Monthly Review at the Tenth Annual Socialist Scholars Conference. The conference was held April 24-26, 1992 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City[7]

Socialist Scholars 1997

In March 28-30 1997 Democratic Socialists of America convened their annual Socialist Scholars Conference at Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York.

The conference was themed "Radical alternatives on the eve of the millenium".

Invitees were asked to join Doug Henwood, Robert Heilbroner, Paul Sweezy, Harry Magdoff, Bill Tabb, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Fitch, Jane Slaughter and Ellen Meiksins Wood "as they debate changes in the labor movement, Marxist theory, the state of the economy, market socialism, and other areas where theory and practice meet".

Or "listen to the United States' only independent and socialist congressman", Rep. Bernie Sanders, "dialogue with" Joel Rogers of the New Party and In These Times' ....Salim Muwakkil on independent politics..[8].

Communist "Manifestivity"

On October 30 and 31, 1998 the Brecht Forum presented the "Communist Manifestivity -150th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto" at at Cooper Union's Great Hall, New York.

One of the many workshops at the Manifestivity was;

Today's Capitalist Crisis; with Dennis Brutus, Judy Claude, Sylvia Federici, Neftali Garcia, Joan Greenbaum, Doug Henwood and Boris Kagarlitsky. Moderator: Harry Magdoff.[9]



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