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Harry Fleischman former National Secretary[1]of the Socialist Party USA, biographer of Norman Thomas and Democratic Socialists of America activist, died on November 7 2004. He was 90 years old.

Norman Thomas campaign manager

Harry Fleischman was National Secretary of the Socialist Party USA , 1942-1950 and Norman Thomas’s campaign manager in the 1940s.[2]

Workers Defense League

Fleischman served for many years as the Chair of the Workers Defense League, Inc..[3]

1993 officers[4]

Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee

Some 150 delegates and 100 observers met at Houston's Airport Holiday Inn, February 16-19, 1979, for the fourth national convention of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC).

DSOC's leadership[5]at the 1979 convention included-Michael Harrington, chairman, Julius Bernstein vice chairman, Victor Reuther vice chairman, Jack Clark national secretary.

the national board consisted of-Julian Bond, Harry Boyte, Bogdan Denitch, Harry Fleischman, Irving Howe, Alex Spinrad, Gloria Steinem, Harry Walsh, Nat Weinberg, Richard Wilson

"Socialism in America" conference

In late 1984, more than 700 people attended a conference at Princeton "Socialism in America" to mark the centenary of the birth of Norman Thomas.

The conference was organized by historians Gary Gerstle, Peter Mandler and Sean Wilentz.

Speaker included Michael Harrington, Maurice Isserman, Irving Howe, H. L. Mitchell, Millie Jeffrey, Harry Fleischman, Ben McLaurin, and Frances Fox Piven. [6]

DSA official

In 1990, officials of the Nassau Long Island local of Democratic Socialists of America were, Mark Finkel, Chair, Lottie Friedman, Treasurer, Executive Committee, Harry Fleischman, Joe Friedman, Steve Gullo, David Sprintzen, Rosemary Tambouret.[7]

Workers Defense League

Fleischman waslong time leader of the Workers Defense League.[8]

Association for Union Democracy

In 2008 Harry Fleischman was still listed on the Advisory Board[9] for the Association for Union Democracy.


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