Hamid Bendaas

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Hamid Bendaas

Template:TOCnestleft Hamid Bendaas is a member of the Washington, D.C. branch of the Democratic Socialists of America, Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America. He serves as Social Media Strategist for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020.

He used to date Margaret McLaughlin.


Hamid Bendaas has worked as Press Secretary for Keith Ellison according to his LinkedIn page,[1] having served in that capacity since October, 2017. Prior to that, Hamid Bendaas worked as "Social Media Manager" for Our Revolution from August 2016 to October 2017. Hamid Bendaas worked for Bernie Sanders as Press & Media Intern from January 2016 to June 2016.

Hamid Bendaas also interned during the summer of 2016 for the Institute for Palestine Studies. He was the recipient of the Jerry and Carol Trautschold Odyssey Scholarship.

Hamid Bendaas graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2015.[2]

Socialism Will Win

Margaret McLaughlin got leftist news coverage after posting a video telling Senator Ted Cruz on January 1 2018 that "Socialism will win."[3] Hamid Bendaas was present at the time.[4]

DSA for Social Justice

In 2021 Democratic Socialists of America for Economic Justice Public Facebook page Admins and Moderators included Hamid Bendaas Press Secretary at United States House of Representatives.

Jess King

Hamid Bendaas filmed a greeting with Jess King to Margaret McLaughlin.[5]

Connection to Erika Andiola

Hamid Bendaas with Erika Andiola

In March 2018, Hamid Bendaas praised former Bernie Sanders press secretary, DACA recipient and advocate for illegal immigration Erika Andiola, referring to her as "one of the best people on the planet."[6] In 2017, Hamid Bendaas claimed that "[P]eople like Erika are a big part of the reason DACA exists at all."[7]

Our Revolution

As of October 27 2016, Hamid Bendaas was listed as an employee of Our Revolution, working in "media."[8]