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Hadi Katebi began experimenting with socialism during the summer of 2015, thanks to his sister. As a senior in high school, he contacted the Young Democratic Socialistsand , by mid-September, I had founded the first YDS chapter in Oklahoma.

Though I met much resistance from my peers and school faculty (eventually deciding that being called a communist was more of a compliment), my club’s membership soon skyrocketed against all odds— a phenomena I attribute much of to the Bernie campaign—and today stands with nearly 60 members.
Though our club had several events throughout the year, such as debate watch parties and giving food to homeless people, I decided I wanted to be more active in the socialist movement. An opportunity arose for a position in the YDS Coordinating Committee—the governing body for the YDS at the national level—and I applied soon after hearing about it. When I was voted in, I devoted even more time to YDS, spending time trying to improve my club at home and assist with YDS organization at the national level. Joining the YDS Coordinating Committee really gave me a sense of commitment to the overall cause of democratic socialism in a global society as it expanded my vision from a local perspective to a nearly global viewpoint. I give thanks to David Duhalde, Deputy Director of the DSA, who really assisted me along the way in making all of this possible.

In early May, Katebi's club got an invitation to the new OKC chapter of the DSA. He was soon serving as the Vice-Chair of the Change Committee, dedicated to bringing change and a new perspective to the Oklahoma political/activist field.[1]

Coordinating Committee of the Young Democratic Socialists