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Greisa Martinez Rosas

"Pathway to Citizenship"

September 14 2021 Washington, DC — Yesterday, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA) joined impacted individuals and immigration advocates to call on Congress to provide a pathway to citizenship as part of the budget reconciliation process.

“It’s past time for Congress to deliver the stability and security that immigrant families deserve,” said Senator Padilla. “We have a moral obligation to the millions of DACA recipients, TPS-holders, and essential workers who have risked their own lives every day working during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m proud to stand with the bipartisan majorities across the country that support passing much-needed reforms on immigration now.”

Arisaid Gonzalez Porras, a DACA recipient and DMV Campaigns Manager for United We Dream, joined Sen. Padilla in his call to action.

Sergio Gonzales, Executive Director of Immigration Hub: “The House Judiciary Committee has taken a historic step in passing legislation that will provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers, and essential workers.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, United We Dream and United We Dream Action Executive Director: “After decades of inaction, Democrats – President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer– can make a meaningful difference in the lives of undocumented people and millions of families across the country".

John Kim, Digital Organizer, NAKASEC: “1 out of every 7 Asian immigrants is undocumented, and we make up over 16% of the undocumented immigrant population. We need permanent solutions NOW. ”

Patrice S. Lawrence, Co-Director, UndocuBlack Network: “Black undocumented community, other advocates and attorneys brought the lifelines (DACA/TPS/DED) as far as we could take them.”

Giev Kashkooli, National Political and Legislative Director, United Farm Workers: "Farm workers feed us. And during the pandemic farm workers did not ask if they were harvesting for Democrats or Republicans – they fed all of us."

The event was held in conjunction with “Inside Out 11M” – a nationwide, participatory art initiative launched by the award-winning artist JR in partnership with Emerson Collective, to create a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike.[1]

Frontline founders

In September 2020 founders of the coalition The Frontline were Ash-Lee Henderson, (Movement for Black Lives), Maurice Moe Mitchell (Working Families Party and (Movement for Black Lives), Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter), Brittany DeBarros (About Face: Veterans Against the War), Nelini Stamp, Morathi Adams (Movement for Black Lives), Greisa Martinez Rosas , United We Dream Action, Cindy Wiesner, [2]

"Building Resilience"


May 2020 The Raben Group's "Building Resilience"with Deepa Iyer, Greisa Martinez Rosas, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Karine Jean-Pierre.

Political education program

Nikita Mitchell - When the mobilizations really began heating up, The Rising Majority did a political education program. We had a virtual session with Angela Davis, Jamila Woods, N'Tanya Lee from LeftRoots, Kayla Reed from Action St. Louis, Karissa Lewis from Movement for Black Lives, Timmy Rose from Dissenters and Greisa Martinez Rosas from United We Dream. That teach-in had about 360,000 views, so I think folks are hungry to be out on the streets, to make meaning in this moment. Education is some of what this movement will be up to in the next few weeks.[3]

National Leading From the Inside Out Alum

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Deputy Executive Director, United We Dream was a 2018 Rockwood Leadership Institute National Leading From the Inside Out Alum.[4]

Marxist meme


October 23, 2016 Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, Yong Jung Cho, Xochitl Oseguera, Latchmi Gopal, Heather McGhee, Nikki Fortunato Bas, Sarita Gupta, Alicia Garza, Laura Dawn, Agunda Okeyo, Greisa Martinez Rosas, Edith Sargon, Renata Pumarol, Ai-jen Poo, Trina Greene Brown, Naila Awan, Pramila Jayapal, Cindy Wiesner, Brigid Flaherty, Serena Perez and Angel Kyodo Williams, were part of a #GOPHandsOffMe meme.