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Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America is a affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Current leadership


Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America 2019/21 Steering Committee.

At-Large Steering Committee Members: Michele Rossi, Olivia Harding, Carly Regina, Jesse Kudler, David McMahon, and Khalil Manns


2017 DSA National Convention delegates

The 2015/2017 Steering Committee is made up of:

Steering Committee at Large

The 2015/2017 Steering Committee was made up of:

Structure & Organization


Chair: Brittany Alston (co-chair) and Anthony Hawkins (co-chair)

The Organizing committee will strengthen the training capacity of the Philadelphia DSA local in order to broaden and strengthen its constituency base and advance all campaign efforts undertaken by the local. In order to do this, the committee with create a series of organizing materials and circulate organizing readings.


Chair: Dave Backer

The Philly DSA Outreach Committee creates all internal and external communications and digital content for the local chapter. This includes all of our web development and technology efforts, emails, phone-banking, events calendars, social media, and of course, excellent memes.

Political Education

Chairs: Andrew Knox and Scott Jenkins

The political education committee organizes discussions, reading groups, and public events that explore the strategy, history and theory of socialism.


Chair: Jedidiah Slaboda

The Social Committee exists to enrich social ties, welcome new and potential members and foster camaraderie in our local chapter. We are responsible for planning social events and activities both independently and in concert with our chapter’s existing committees. These include annual large all-chapter social events, monthly neighborhood or regional based meet-ups, meet-ups following events planned by other committees (e.g. General Meetings, political education events etc.), affinity based events, e.g. sporting, arts, culture etc.


Chair: Jordan Falciani

The Fundraising Committee focuses on the financial sustainability of the local chapter. Our primary responsibility is collecting and managing the infrastructure around local dues. We also work Steering Committee on the budgeting process and help insure that each committee of the local chapter is able to meet its financial needs. The goal of the committee is to have a local which is able to provide programming through its own fundraising efforts and the dues of members.


Chair: Theresa Moran

Philly DSA's Mobilizers serve as internal organizers for our membership. As a large AND GROWING organization, our goal is to build participatory democratic structures and establish clear channels of communication within the local. Becoming a Mobilizer will also give members an opportunity to get more involved in building our local DSA chapter!
Each Mobilizer has a “turf” of about 10 other Philly DSA members with whom they do in person 1-on-1 meetings and keep in regular contact with through texts, emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings.The main job of Mobilizers is to:
  • Orient Philly DSA members to the structure of the local, our shared politics, our committees, and our campaign work
  • Answer questions and connect people to resources, committees, and other members
  • Do personal outreach to keep people informed of upcoming events and actions
  • Facilitate “bottom up” communication between the general membership of Philly DSA and the Steering Committee/active committees
  • Lead canvasses and acting as canvass captains for future campaign work[2]


In 2017 Brittany Griebling, Dave Backer, and Gregory Laynor serve as coordinators of Philly DSA’s Local Initiative/Local Action Committee (LILAC).[3] Local Initiative and Local Action Committee (LILAC)

In 2018 Anlin Wang, Shelly Ronen, Mark Blaho served as coordinators of Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America's Local Initiative/Local Action Committee (LILAC).[4]

2019 Incoming Archivist: Eamon Caddigan.

Members at Large 2019:

Left Unity slate


June 6 2019:

Dearest Comrades,

We are writing this letter to hopefully provide some useful context around the leadership elections for Philly DSA. We are a group of comrades who have a diverse set of experiences with other chapters who have moved to Philadelphia under the tenure of the current chapter leadership. We would like to share our perspective on what we see as a critical choice facing Philly DSA...

We believe that only a unified left can win the fight for socialism. Philly DSA cannot effectively contribute to this fight if it continues to hemorrhage talented organizers who aren’t willing to be unquestioning footsoldiers for Momentum’s narrow political vision. We specifically joined DSA because it was not a “line” organization in the style of Trostkyist or Leninist left groups, but rather, a big tent where people were able to work across difference and learn from each others’ political traditions. We want Philly DSA to win the same victories that other chapters have won nationally, and we believe that a change in leadership is the only way that this will happen.

We hope you consider voting for the Left Unity slate, which is full of talented and committed organizers with a diverse set of experiences and a vision for the local that aligns with what we consider the best aspects of DSA.

In Solidarity,

Philly DSA Momentum Slate

Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America Momentum slate 2019:

At-Large Steering Committee

Endorsing Kristin Seale


Philly DSA Electoral Canvass: Kristin Seale

Saturday at 2 PM - 6 PM

521 N Monroe St, Media, PA 19063

Join the Canvassing Committee and the Electoral Evaluation Committee to help advance DSA's priorities in Harrisburg by canvassing to elect Kristin Seale to the PA General Assembly! [8]



Hare Method in Electing National Convention Delegates

Petition and Open Letter to Philly DSA Steering Committee to use the Hare Method in Electing National Convention Delegates at the June 8 2019Local Convention

Dear Philly DSA Steering Committee,

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 3 of the DSA National Bylaws and the 2019 National Convention Rules, the Undersigned hereby petition you to use the Hare Method of Single Transferable Vote (STV) in running elections for Philly DSA’s delegates to the 2019 DSA National Convention (the “National Convention”). As of the writing of this Petition, neither the Steering Committee nor any other chapter committee has stated what election method will be used in electing National Convention delegates. Accordingly, we submit this Petition to assert our right under the National Bylaws to require that Philly DSA use the Hare Method in electing delegates.


In solidarity,

"Allegheny Socialist"

In 1991, a phonathan for the Allegheny Socialist netted $500, which Dinner which brought in $200 more.[10]

Peace movement meeting

Philadelphia DSA held a potluck dinner and meeting February 3 1991, to discuss "What's Ahead for the Peace Movement?" Speakers included Barbara Smith, Jobs With Peace; Beverly Kacher, WILPF; Joseph Miller, Sane/ Freeze; Marwan Kreidie; Arab-American Democratic Club; Lori Salem, Act for Peace in the Middle East; Carlis Numi, AFSC Peace Committee; and Bruce Haskin, DSA and Act for Peace. [11]

Health Care for All

In 1993 members of the local were active in the Philadelphia Health Care for All Coalition, which fought for single-payer health reform both nationally and at the state level.[12]

2006 elections

Greater Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America members helped progressive Democrat and longtime DSA ally Tim Kearney in his second campaign against entrenched state Representative John Perzel. While Kearney did not win, his numbers went up enough for him to seriously consider trying again in 2008. Local members also worked for Bucks County Congressional anti-war candidate Patrick Murphy (who did win), progressive newcomer Paul Lang against a 20-year incumbent in the Bucks County state senate race, and others.

Many members were active in Neighborhood Networks, a Philadelphia grassroots progressive organizing group that is partly the brainchild of local DSA and former NPC member Stan Shapiro. They "are quite busy now, as a number of progressive Democrats – including one DSA member and one former member – are running for City Council in May’s primaries".[13]

Rebuilding Philadelphia

In 2009 Sean Monahan, was rebuilding Greater Philadelphia Democratic Socialists of America with "veteran John Strauss".

The local is committed to restarting Greater Philadelphia Democratic Left, beginning with an on-line version.[14]

Explosive growth

In January of 2015, the DSA counted 6,000 members nationally and today the organization is up to 18,000. Philly’s DSA grew from 150 to 400 in the same period. The city’s chapter includes all of Pennsylvania and South Jersey but could lose members, technically, because new chapters are popping up over the bridge and out west in Reading and Pittsburgh. [15]

Philadelphia DSA Public Facebook Group

October 6, 2017

As of June 1, 2017;[16]



More names had been added by October 6, 2017.



More names had been added by May 16 2018;