Gloria Esteva

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Gloria Esteva

Template:TOCnestleft Gloria Esteva was born in Oaxaca Mexico and is the fifth child of a family of 12 children. She participated in the struggle for change since he was a teenager. In San Francisco, Gloria has been a leader in immigrant rights and feminist grassroots movements for more than a decade. She helped to build the Women Workers Project at POWER, and has played leadership roles in national mobilizations including the Undocubus during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, as well as several national actions with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Currently she is an immigrant rights organizer with Causa Justa/Just Cause.[1]

POWER Leaders

From Steve Williams: Over the years hundreds of people who have served on POWER’s staff, membership, leadership bodies, and Board of Directors. They are too many to mention by name, but I do want to extend special appreciations to Alicia Garza, Jaron Browne, Jason Negron-Gonzales, Marisa Franco, Aspen Dominguez, Cindy Wiesner, Ilana Berger, Nora Calderon, Larry Lattimore, Emma Harris, Gloria Esteva, Manuela Esteva, Donaji Lona, Juana Tello, Ernest Stokes, Beatriz Herrera, Karen Gibson, Lorren Dangerfield, Jesse Tello, Regina Douglas, Garth Ferguson, Brian Russell, Patty Snitzler, Thabiti Hayes, Khalil Abdul Samad, Jane Martin.[2]

It Takes Roots People's Caravan

It Takes Roots People's Caravan took place in July 2016. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance launched the It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan from the RNC to the DNC. Nearly 40 community leaders and allies from the US and Honduras traveled in a bus from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, stopping along the way to build with communities in Pittsburgh and Baltimore fighting for environmental and racial justice.

Caravanistas included Gloria Esteva, Causa Justa/Just Cause Oakland CA