Globalization From Below

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Globalization From Below was a conference held May 29 - 31 , 1998 in Chicago Illinois, organized by Democratic Socialists of America

Conference "blurb"

From Democratic Left, issue #1 1998 page 10;

Multinationals. "Free trade." NAFTA, GATT, MAI. This is the new vocabulary of the world economy. This is their vocabulary. How do we ensure a place for democratic control in a future which seems mapped out for us by corporations and bankers? Around the world, people are coming up with creative answers to this question. Along the U.S.-Mexican border, workers are organizing fierce campaigns for justice in maquiladora plants. In Europe, democratic provisions have been written into law in the European Union, and progressives are fighting to strengthen them. This conference is aimed at sharing some of these answers and experiences, building a network of people committed to crossborder social activism, and training young people to take an active part in efforts to democratize and humanize the world economy.

Invited speakers

Profirio Munoz-Ledo, PRD-Mexico; Audrey MacLaughlin, New Democratic Party-Canada; Rev. Jesse Jackson; Dolores Huerta, United Farm Workers; Clare Short, Secretary of State for Overseas Development, UK; Rep. Luis Gutierrez; Rep. Danny Davis; Jose LaLuz, AFSCME, Karen Nussbaum, AFL-CIO; Stanley Gacek, AFL-CIO; Stephen Yokich, United Auto Workers; Enrique Herandez, Han Young/ Hyudai plant organizer, Tijuana.[1]


Kevin Pranis and Daraka Larimore



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