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Glenn Scott

Glenn Scott was a Labor Rep. at National Nurses United/National Nurses Organizing Committee. She died of cancer circa October 2018.

New American Movement leadership

Attendees at the Expanded National Interim Committee of the New American Movement January 2-4, 1976 in Pittsburgh, PA included;

Roberta Lynch, Anne Farrar, Judy MacLean, Alan Charney, Steve Carlip, Holly Graff, Richard Healey, Mark Mericle, Carollee Sandberg, John Ehrenreich, Bill Leumer, Elayne Rapping

RIC representatives -Ellen Sugg (Port City Chapter, Industrial Heartland Region), Mel Tanzman (Brooklyn Chapter, Northeast Region), Joni Rabinowitz (Pittsburgh Chapter, Industrial Heartland Region), Noel Ignatin (Sojourner Truth Chapter, Midwest Region), Rick Kunnes (Ann Arbor Chapter Industrial Heartland Region), Dorothy Healey ( L.A. #4, Southwest Region), John Judis (East Bay Chapter, Northwest Region), Lee Holstein (Haymarket Chapter, Midwest Region), Laura Burns (Radcliffe/Harvard Chapter, Northeast Region), Dan Marschall (East Bay Chapter, Northwest Region), Glenn Scott (Austin Chapter, Southern Region), Alice Allgaier (St. Louis Chapter, Midwest Region), Dave McBride (Austin, Southern Region), Mark Cohen (Southern Region, Hal Adams ( Iowa City, Midwest Region);

Staff - Dave Ranney[1]

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Glenn Scott, Chair of the Commission led a workshop entitled Anti-Racist Commission at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.

Scott spoke alongside Rose Brewer; Brenda Eichelberger, National Alliance of Black Feminists and Bob Niemann, LA NAM on a mini-plenary entitled Racism and Reaganism.

Scott also spoke alongside Mike Rotkin, Santa Cruz NAM; Steve Tarzynski, Chair, Health Commission and Randy Cunningham, Chair, Urban Commission led a workshop entitled Pieces of State Power: Urban Electoral Coalitions.[2]

New American Movement

In 1980 Glenn Scott, Austin Texas, was a delegate to the December 12-14 Chicago, National Council meeting of the New American Movement[3].

Between 1980 and 1981 Glenn Scott, Texas was the chair of the Racism Commission of the New American Movement.[4]

In 1981 the NAM national interim committee consisted of;

Bill Barclay (PC), Laura Berg (Portland NAM), Holly Graff (PC), John Haer (Pittsburgh NAM), Rick Kunnes (PC), Halli Lehrer (Chicago Northside NAM), Christine Riddiough (Blazing Star NAM), Glenn Scott (Austin NAM), and Steve Tarzynski (Los Angelos NAM), Robert Shaffer (New York NAM).[5]

Tribute to Ben Dobbs

On Sunday, June 7, 1981, the Los Angeles Chapter of the New American Movement sponsored a Tribute to Ben Dobbs for "His lifelong commitment to socialism". The event was held at the Miramar-Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, California. Sponsors of the event included Glenn Scott.[6]

Democratic Socialists of America founding conference

Glenn Scott New American Movement was a moderator of the day one "Unity Session" of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/New American Movement Unity Conference in Detroit March 21/22 1982, that resulted in the formation of Democratic Socialists of America[7].


Austin DSA newsletter

In 1982 Noticias (Austin Democratic Socialists of America newsletter) production staff were Richard Croxdale, Kevin Batt, Walter Skinner, Gary Jordan, Carol Nash, Anne Archer, Jim Ratcliff, Scott Van Osdol, Glenn Scott, Gary Kline, Paul Mitchell, Todd Samusson.[8]

Texas DSA State Meeting

A Texas Democratic Socialists of America State Meeting "Priorities for 1984 and Beyond" July 9 was held Education Building, Akiva Room.

Speakers were;

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1985, Jan Breidenbach, Angie Fa, Nancy Kleniewski, Josephine Martinez, Lillie McLaughlin, Penny Schantz and Glenn Scott of Texas were listed on the National Executive of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.[9]

In 1986 she was listed as a member of the Commission.[10]

"Day of the Fallen"

“Texas does not have to be the state with the highest death rate nor with the highest rate of injuries in construction. The legislature can turn this around by adopting our legislative agenda for better safety and health for the workers who build Texas. That is why we are here today,” Workers Defense Project Executive Director Cristina Tzintzun said at a rally on February 25, 2015.

One thousand construction workers and supporters marched to the Texas State Capitol on a cold, blustery day in late February to call for stronger safety and health protections. The march was sponsored by the Workers Defense Project to dramatize the high number of deaths and injuries suffered by construction workers in Texas. The Austin American-Statesman did not cover it at all. Telemundo gave the march and the rally professional coverage.

Among them were Montserrat Garibay (Education Austin), Becky Moeller (President, Texas AFL-CIO), The Rag Blog‘s Glenn Scott (retired National Nurses United organizer) and Alice Embree (Texas State Employees Union).[11]

Medicare event

According to Glenn Scott, President of the Austin Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans: "Austin Reports a Terrific Medicare Event", June 2015;

We had a terrific event on Saturday. We have put Austin TARA on the Austin/Central Texas political and advocacy map! Over 147 people attended the event which means we met our goal of 150! In part due to Congressman Doggett's great reputation, we brought in many new faces. We went well beyond the TARA contact list for this event.
We built stronger ties with labor groups through this event. At least 8 unions or CLC and Building trades council contributed $. One key to turnout was our list of over 30 endorsing organizations. Most of the endorsing organizations sent at least 1 or 2 and some brought as many as 8 to 10. Austin DSA got 10 members there and TSEU brought the most with at least 12 or more. Congressman Doggett's staff was another factor, - they did a letter to constituents and sent emails and did press for us in addition to our own efforts.[12]

Austin Beloved Community memories

The list of people who contributed memories and experience to the Austin Beloved Community website included Glenn Scott, union rep, National Nurses United.


L-R Austin President Glenn Scott, TARA Secretary Tony Padilla, Austin Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, Texas AFL-CIO Director/TARA Liaison Lee Forbes and Committee members Marie Drummond, Danny Fetonte and Yolanda Delgado

The Austin Texas Alliance for Retired Americans chapter met June 20, 2015? to finalize the plans for their Medicare 50th Birthday Celebration on July 25, plus discussed a possible fall fundraiser and ways to increase membership. Attending were Austin President Glenn Scott, TARA Secretary Tony Padilla, Austin Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, Texas AFL-CIO Director/TARA Liaison Lee Forbes and Committee members Marie Drummond, Danny Fetonte and Yolanda Delgado.[13]

Thomas Grace meeting


Austin Democratic Socialists of America shared Thorne Dreyer's post. April 8 2016.

Thomas Grace is also speaking tonight at the TSEU Union Hall at 7pm, located at 1700 S. 1st St.

Thomas Grace is our guest on Rag Radio today, Fri. 4/8, 2-3 p.m. (CT) on KOOP 91.7-FM in Austin. Tom, a survivor of the 1970 Kent State shootings -- when National Guardsmen shot unarmed students, killing four -- is the author of "Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties." Stream it live:

Tracey Schulz, Alice Embree, Cecilia Colome, Glenn Scott, Barbara Fetonte, Ron Nelson, Yolanda Delgado, Roger Baker, Jr. David Hamilton, Beverly Baker Moore.

Austin DSA national conference delegate


Glenn Scott was chosen as an Austin Democratic Socialists of America delegate to the Democratic Socialists of America National convention in Chicago, August 3-6, 2017.

Protesting Health Bill


Democratic Socialists of America Unity

Glenn Scott supported the Democratic Socialists of America Unity grouping, established for the 2017 Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Chicago.[14]

DSA Labor Statement of Support for Danny Fetonte

In August 2017 a group of Democratic Socialists of America labor activists issued a joint statement of support for newly elected DSA NPC member Danny Fetonte. The group was fighting back against other DSAers wanting to remove Fetonte for his past work for a Texas law enforcement union.

Signatories included Glenn Scott , National Nurses Union (retired). Democratic Socialists of America founder member. New American Movement 1975 - 1982. [15]

Austin DSA Socialist Feminist Book Club

Glenn Scott was a member of Austin Democratic Socialists of America Socialist Feminist Book Club Public Facebook Group, as of August 17, 2017;[16]

DSA comrades

Glenn Scott September 27, 2017:

With Derrick Crowe and fellow DSA members Mickey Fetonte, Brett Cotham & Susan Cotham, Courtney Szigetvari, Linda Kniolek & Glenn Scott, fighting Trumpcare ONE MORE time and we beat 'em for now!


Let's starting talking healthcare for ALL!! Thank you Bernie for introducing Medicare for All . Let's get to work educating people - we don't have to have a healthcare crisis! — with Susan Cotham, Courtney Alexa, Linda Kniolek and Derrick Crowe.

2017 Austin DSA leadership


New leadership for Austin Democratic Socialists of America, November 2017.

Left Up To US Closed Facebook group

Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of August 11, 2017 included Glenn Scott.[17]

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

On April 1 2018, Glenn Scott was a member of the Texas DSA - Red State Rising closed Facebook group.[18]

Austin DSA comrades

Glenn Scott August 11, 2017 ·


DSA members beat the heat in Atx at july 29 Our Lives On the Line rally and march to stop Trumpcare ! Front row, Danny Saenz & David Wittie,(back row) David Pinkham , Ryan Rosshirt , Robin Hofpauer, Chau Lan Ngo, Monica Olvera , Cynthia Mancha, James Cole, Courtney Szigetvari, Roy Woody, Glenn Scott, Linda Kniolek & Akhil Mulgonaert.

Stand with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

We Stand with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a 2018 letter signed by several Democratic Socialists of America members mainly from the DSA North Star in response to attacks on Ocasio-Cortez over remarks she made on Palestine.

A recent petition circulated by some DSA members criticizes Ocasio-Cortez for supporting a two state solution to the Palestine-Israel question and not aligning with a long list of demands regarding Palestine and Israel. Should Ocasio-Cortez fail to agree with this list of demands, the petitioners are calling for DSA to revoke her endorsement. These attacks on Ocasio-Cortez have come despite the fact that she has staked out positions which will make her one of the strongest advocates of Palestinian rights and self-determination in Congress.
We stand with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The position she has taken on Israel and Palestine are principled stances, worthy of a democratic socialist, in its recognition of both Palestinian humanity and rights and Israeli humanity and rights. On this issue, as many, she will be a voice for the voiceless in Congress.

Signatures included Glenn Scott.[19]

DSA North Star


In 2018 Glenn Scott was an original signatory of the DSA North Star founding principles statement.

Toward Radical Democracy

Toward Radical Democracy was a 2018 "Proposal for Internal Voting Reform in Boston DSA".

If you would like to sign on in support of this proposal, please click here. To date, over 100 members of Boston DSA have endorsed it. We also welcome support from DSA comrades in other chapters.

Signatories also included non Boston comrades such as Glenn Scott.



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