Glenn Glazer

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Glenn Glazer

Standing for AD 29

In 2019 Glenn Glazer stood from AD 29 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

Having the privilege to serve with the other 2016-2018 ADEM delegates, I can promise the same level of progressive activism in the future that I have shown in the past. In my first tenure as a delegate, I became a Rural Caucus vice-chair, served as a panelist for the LGBT Caucus, helped pass three resolutions and pushed for a Rules change that allowed voters in CDP elections to have an assistant if they were unable to vote themselves. Bringing my professional experience to bear, I gave a presentation on Computer Voting to the Computer Caucus and continue to educate our lawmakers on the subject. Additionally, I worked on a gubernatorial campaign (Delaine Eastin) and a City Council candidate (Drew Glover), pushing to diversify our representatives. I was also asked to be Secretary of the Santa Cruz DCC and I have served in that role since the previous Secretary stepped down for family reasons.[1]