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Glenn Andersen

Glenn Andersen is the son of the late Bill Andersen. He was once jailed for smuggling heroin.


Early 2000s Seafarers, Socialist Party of Aotearoa, at Willowhaven Holiday Park in Rotorua (owned by the Wood Industires Union of Aotearoa).


Glen Andersen, Jim Jones, Odette Shaw, Gerry Hill, Maxine Gay, Brendan Tuohy, Dave Morgan, Jennifer Francis, Bill Andersen, Pat Brown, Trevor Noel, Warren Brewer.


In 1998 Andersen was a unionist on board a New Zealand ship. he wrote a letter to the Maritime Union Australia, supporting their strike.

Father's funeral

Said Laila Harre at Bill Andersen's funeral in 2005;

It is truly an honour to have been asked by Bill’'s family and Party to reflect here on his contribution. Knowing Bill’'s capacity for love, I can only imagine the sense of loss for those closest to him: Jennifer, whose leadership and dedication Bill respected hugely; our comrades Karl and Glenn; Rochelle the grandchildren, and our friends, Sheryl, Stan and Gloria, Donna and others closest to Bill and Jennifer. [1]


  1. [ Eulogy to Bill Andersen by Laila Harre at Bastion Point 17.1.05]