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Gerald Lenoir

Gerald Lenoir ..., President of Lenoir and Associates, is a Berkeley activist.


Gerald Lenoir has been in and around nonprofit organizations for over 35 years. He was the Executive Director of two nonprofit organizations—the Oakland-based (now Brooklyn-based) Black Alliance for Just Immigration (2006 to 2014) and the San Francisco Black Coalition on AIDS (1989 to 1995). He is the cofounder and past board chair of the HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County (HEPPAC) in Oakland. He is also a founding board member of Priority Africa Network. In addition, he served as a program manager and community organizer for two Seattle-based organizations—the Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

In 1995, Lenoir formed Lenoir and Associates and for 11 year provided consultant services to nonprofits organizations and small businesses in California and throughout the country. In September 2014, he resumed his consulting business.

Gerald Lenoir and his wife Karen Dalton live in Berkeley, California and have three sons and four grandchildren.[1]


Lenoir led the Black Coalition on AIDS in San Francisco for over six years, developing it from a group with two half-time staff and a budget of $60,000 in 1989 to a respected organization with a full-time staff of 25 people, five programs, an operating budget of $1.1 million and a capital budget of $1 million in 1995.

Cofounder and former board chair of the HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County (HEPPAC) in Oakland. Since 1992, HEPPAC has developed from an all-volunteer needle exchange program into a premier HIV/AIDS prevention and service organization with a budget of nearly $1 million and a staff of 15 people.

Developed a successful proposal for the Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP) in Seattle for 20% ownership of the local cable television franchise by four nonprofit organizations.

Provided effective strategic planning, program planning, meeting facilitation consulting and other services to a range of groups. Provided leadership and strategic direction to the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, an organization of African Americans and Black immigrants providing education on and advocacy for progressive immigration reform and racial justice; led the formation of the Black Immigration Network, a national network of African American and Black immigrant individuals and organizations.[2]


Gerald Lenoir earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Personnel Management from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He also studied law at UCLA and marketing at the University of Washington, Seattle. In addition, he completed The Art of Leadership training at the Rockwood Leadership Institute and earned a certificate of completion for the AIDS Management Institute of Compass Point Nonprofit Services.[3]


Lenoir’s awards and accolades include a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly, a “Gerald Lenoir Day” Proclamation from the Mayor of San Francisco, the Ubuntu Award from Priority Africa Network, a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Newark’s African Commission, a Community Leadership Award from the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention and the Founder’s Award from the HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County.[4]

"Count Every Vote"

According to Linda Burnham:

The first time I met Keith Jennings was at his satellite office – Pascal’s Restaurant in Atlanta, GA. It was 2004 and George W. Bush was running for the presidency, again. My hair was still on fire from 2000, the actual stolen election. I called Beni Ivey, then at the Center for Democratic Renewal, to ask if there was any way I could be of service in the South. She said, “Talk to Keith Jennings.” That’s how I got to Pascal’s.

Keith was welcoming and willing to listen to a half-baked scheme to monitor and protect the Black vote in the South. He was a professional with decades of worldwide experience in protecting human rights and the integrity of elections. All I showed up with were passion and frustration. And yet he said, “Yes. We can make something happen.”

I moved from Oakland to Atlanta and Keith and I launched Count Every Vote. Keith worked his contacts – he rocked two cell phones at a time – and we crisscrossed the South, from Georgia to Alabama to Florida and Louisiana.

Keith had headed up teams that monitored elections all over the world. He was alive to the irony of overseeing democratic processes abroad while they were imperiled in his home country. He was so glad to bring Count Every Vote to grassroots meetings in school basements and community centers and dingy motel meeting rooms. At each gathering we talked about the importance of the upcoming election and the need to both get out the vote and protect it. Keith did the trainings on international standards for election monitoring. Sherri Bevel joined us on the road, along with two of my good friends, Gerald Lenoir and Bob Wing, who were willing to work for free.
I don’t know what the impact of Count Every Vote was. We had no metrics. To say we operated on a shoestring is to cast shade on shoestrings. But Keith did introduce me to good people across the region who were determined to make Black votes matter – including women like Helen Butler and LaTosha Brown, who had already been deep in the trenches for years, laying the foundation for Georgia’s 2020-21 victories. And Keith and I forged a close friendship that lasted till his death. I was more than a decade older than Keith, but I leaned on him like a big brother.[5]

Frontline Dispatches

Organizing Upgrade September 29 2020.


We are very excited to announce this amazing new line-up of hosts on our show Frontline Dispatches. We've been running this show since this summer's uprisings, and this brilliant new group of hosts will bring you a weekly interview that tells the story of organizers working on the most urgent struggles of our time. Welcome Montague Simmons, Jayanni Webster, Gerald Lenoir, Diana Robinson, and Xiomara Corpeno.

Tomorrow, new host Diana Robinson will talk with Axel Fuentes from the Rural Community Workers Alliance about the food industry workers putting it all on the line during the pandemic to keep our entire food supply safe.



With Bob Wing, Linda Burnham, Gerald Lenoir, Dorian Warren, Minerva Solla, August 23, 2016.



In 1985 Gerald Lenoir was a leader of Seattle Line of March.

Black Liberation Commission


In 1986 Gerald Lenoir served on the Black Liberation Commission of Line of March.

Frontline Forum, Portland

Frontline June 1987

In June 1987 Gerald Lenoir Line of March Black Liberation Commission, Chisao Hata, Japanese-American American Citizens League, Mazen Malik General Union of Palestinian Students, Ben Priestly Black United Front, participated in a Frontline Forum in Portland Oregon.

Frontline Forum, Los Angeles

Frontline August 1 1988

Gloria Romero delegate to the Democratic Party convention, and assistant professor of Women's Studies at Cal State San Diego, and Gerald Lenoir, a journalist at the Rainbow Coalition convention, and co-chair of the Line of March Black Liberation Commission, together addressed a Frontline Forum in Los Angeles? in 1988, "Jesse Jackson, the Rainbow Coalition and the Democratic Party: what's the score".

Following the Rainbow


Gerald Lenoir and Fran Beal followed the Rainbow Coalition for Frontline.


As at Nov. 13, 1989, the listed editorial staff of Line of March's Frontline included Gerald Lenoir.

War Times

In January 2002, a group of San Francisco leftists, mainly involved with STORM or Committees of Correspondence, founded a national anti-Iraq War newspaper[6] War Times.

Endorsers of the project included Gerald Lenoir, board member, HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County.

War Times Staff

In 2009 voluntary War Times staff[7]included:

Jan Adams, Karolo Aparicio, Mariana Bustamante, Ruth Warner Carrillo, Jung Hee Choi, Max Elbaum, Arnoldo Garcia, Rebecca Gordon, Felicia Gustin, Hany Khalil, Rachel Kahn, Lynn Koh, Gerald Lenoir, Burton Li, Betita Martinez, Samuel Orozco, Ricardo Ortega, Sushawn Robb, Kerry Taylor and Bob Wing.

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Lenoir is on the Board of Directors of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, as of March 9, 2010.[8]

Old comrades


Bob Wing, December 20, 2014;

CoCo Gala Dinner — with Gerald Lenoir, Karen Bass and Aurea Montes-Rodriguez in Los Angeles, California.

Book talk with Jamala Rogers

518 Valencia St, San Francisco Sunday 7 February 2016, organized by Michelle Foy "Book talk with Jamala Rogers, founder of the St. Louis based Organization for Black Struggle & author of Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebel".

Jamala will explore the roots of the Ferguson Rebellion and the practical lessons for organizing.
"There is no algorithm, no theory that can predict when human rage reaches its boiling point. I wanted to expose to some and to remind others that there is another side of Ferguson, St. Louis County, USA that exists...if we work together in a respectful & disciplined way, a new Ferguson, St. Louis, & USA, is possible." —Jamala Rogers

Those signalling their intention to attend on Wherevent included Georgia Faye Hirsty, Melanie McCrea, Joe Navarro, Michelle Foy, Cynthia Fong, Gerald Lenoir, Fernando Marti, Lucia Aguilar-Navarro, Joyce Nakamura, Jeremy Gong, Jason Wallach, Andrew Rogge, Lucy Clarke, Colleen FitzSimons, Saima Hashimi, Rachel Rye Butler, Pam Tau Lee, Afomeia Tesfai, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Kari Riesgo Banuelos, Eva Martinez, Justin Tombolesi, Josh Warren-White, Kate Sorensen, Malkia Cyril, Lelia Gomez, Mark Prudowsky, N’Tanya Lee, Marcy Rein, Finley Coyl, Shina Riane, Ken Yamada, Dyan Ruiz, Nancy Wan, Sarah Jarmon, Mark McBeth, Leon Sun, Sabrina Cascos Peterson, Mary Sweeters, Eric See, Dani Gonzalez, Mashael Majid, Susan Weiss, Juan Gamboa, Jr., Amy Sonnie, Felicia Gustin, Mickey Ellinger, Betty Pazmino, Charlie Fredrick, Aimee Molina Cuellar, Becki Ming-Yoke Hom.

Sponsored by: Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad and LeftRoots.[9]


Facebook 2016

Gerald Lenoir is close to Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Old comrades


Felicia Gustin, with Devonte Jackson, Gerald Lenoir, Leonard McNeil and Phil Hutchings, December 2, 2016.

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