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George Miller, Jr. was the father of George Miller.

Young radical Democrats

When Phillip Burton returned to San Francisco in 1947 he worked for Time Oil in Richmond. There he met a young Democratic activist and former Communist Party USA member named Bert Coffey, a close associate of George Miller, Jr. a young California Assemblyman. This group of young Democratic insurgents joined up with Joe Holsinger, Yori Wada, Jack Berman, a liberal lawyer and the first husband of Dianne Goldman (Dianne Feinstein), and Dr. Carlton Goodlett, a black physician, publisher and longtime Communist Party USA activist. Burton and Goodlett worked closely together in the NAACP and the Young Democrats.[1]

South Africa benefit

On January 17 1986, a benefit concert was held at Oakland's Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, for the National Emergency Fund of the South African Council of Churches.

Dinner Committee Members included Hon. Alan Cranston, Hon. Leo McCarthy, Hon. Barbara Boxer, Hon. Sala Burton, Hon. Ron Dellums (a DSA member), Hon. Don Edwards, Hon. Tom Lantos Hon. George Miller, Jr. Hon. Norman Mineta, Hon. Pete Stark, Hon. Willie Brown, plus Democratic Socialists of America members Julian Bond, Nancy Skinner, Harry Britt, John Henning, Adam Hochschild, Frances Moore Lappe, Stanley Sheinbaum, Communist Party USA affiliates Wilson Riles, Jr., Maudelle Shirek, Al Lannon, and Irving Sarnoff, and radical socialists Julianne Malveaux, Drummond Pike, John George, Peter Yarrow and actor/activist Sidney Poitier.[2]


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