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George Becker

George Becker the immediate past President of the United Steelworkers of America, died on February 2007.

Campaign for America's Future

In 1996 George Becker was one of the original 130 founders[1]of Campaign for America's Future-alongside several Democratic Socialists of America supporters including John Atlas, Julian Bond, Peter Dreier, Barbara Ehrenreich, Steve Max, Jay Mazur Harold Meyerson, Lawrence Mishel, Frances Fox Piven, Richard Rorty and John Sweeney .

Honored by Democratic Socialists of America


In 1997, George Becker and James Weinstein were honorees[2]of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Debs - Thomas - Harrington Dinner-a privilige usually accorded to DSA members or close allies.

Becker was the first Steelworker to be an honoree at the Dinner.

George Becker began by saying how proud he was to receive the Debs - Thomas - Harrington Award. It will be in a prominent place in his office.
Becker spoke of the need for economic justice and the role of the Federal Reserve Board in fighting full employment. The Board is the representative of economic forces that are not good for the American people.
George Becker spoke with pride about his birthplace, Granite City, Illinois. In the 1920s, they had a Socialist Mayor and a Socialist Council and Eugene Debs was an honored speaker at many events. He also spoke of a relative of his wife, in Missouri, who ran for office as a Socialist when Norman Thomas ran for President. In politics today, Becker argued, unions should not give to parties but support individuals who stand for issues that concern the workers: "We should enter primaries to defeat incumbents who are against social and economic justice. Most important, we have to build grass root support on the ideas and issues that meet the needs of the people".

"Together stronger than steel"


In 1997, USW leaders George Becker, Leo Gerard, Richard Davis and Leon Lynch signed an ad in Democratic Socialists of America's Democratic Left, issue 1, 1997, page 18 "Together stronger than steel".