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Gene Boutilier


In December of 1972, Gilbert Padilla and others took 50 farmworkers to Wisconsin for the Guild brandy and wine boycott because that was the largest market area for Guild. Rev. Gene Boutilier and his family provided them with housing, food, and warm clothes for the heavy snow that greeted them. They set up offices in Milwaukee, Racine, Green Bay, Madison, and Appleton.[1]

"Survival Day 84"

Approximately 3,500 marchers attended the "Survival Day 84" march and rally in McArthur Park Los Angeles Sunday August 5 1984.The event was the culmination of a week of disarmament and and anti-imperialist solidarity events known as "Survival Fest 84."

The organizing coalition was dominated by the Communist Workers Party front Federation For Progress.

Coordinators of the rally were Makani Themba (Federation For Progress and Communist Workers Party member), Carol Ono and Judy Chu (MC with Jim Ladd).

They were supported by a "working committee" which included Julio Asturias, Rev. Gene Boutilier, Bob Erlenbusch, Rev. Rev. Dumas Harshaw, Rev. Aisand Riggins, Berta Silva and Mike Young.[2]

"Survival Day 84" speakers

Survival Fest 84, "Survival Day 84" speakers included Gene Boutilier, Southern Ecumenical Council.


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