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Rev. Eugene (Gene) Birmingham

DSA member

In 1997 Rev. Gene Birmingham was contact for West Suburban Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago.[1]

"God's Politics"

According to Chicago Democratic Socialists of America member, Rev. Gene Birmingham, "God's Politics", Jim Wallis' 2005 book, is addressed to the progressive religious community.[2]

The religious Right is wrong by trying to use the Republican Party for its private agenda. What the religious Left doesn't get is that the biblical teachings of the Hebrew prophets and Jesus are a political matter as well as a religious one. Denominational leaders are inspired to issue justice statements, with little effect. Rightwing Christianity wants to use public means to enforce its private religious beliefs. Religious Left politicians keep their faith to themselves, as though it did not apply to politics. The only way Wallis sees to make the social justice teachings of the Bible a political force is for the religious Left to make them so. His Call to Renewal campaign is an attempt to make it happen. His example is Martin Luther King's combining biblical justice with the U.S. Constitution in his civil rights campaign.