GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee

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The GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee was a front for the Socialist Workers Party. It was a successful effort to counter the Communist Party USA's fronts concerning soldiers and veterans, including the Fort Hood Three, GI Defense Organization GIDO and Veterans for Peace.

The Honorary Chairman of the GICLD at the time of this list was:

  • Lord Bertrand Russell - the very anti-American, pro-communist philosopher from England
  • Matilde Zimmeman - National Secretary, an SWP member, and eventual wife of SWP leader Andrew Pulley, one of the SWP's GI protestors Fort Jackson 8 featured in SWP leader Fred Halstead's book "Out Now! A Participant's Account of the American Movement Against the Vietnam War", NY, Monad, 1978.


Sponsors circa 1969 were:[1]

  • (*)= open or identified member of the CPUSA (some were not publicly identified as CP members at the time of the list, 1969)
  • (**)= open member of the Socialist Workers Party SWP and/or its youth arm, the Young Socialist Alliance YSA Some later became open members of the SWP, graduating out of the YSA. At least two people marked with ** were the attorneys for the SWP and supported their fronts.

Other marxists were not marked though there was a significant number of them on this list.


  1. undated, GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee letterhead circa 1969