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Friends Committee on National Legislation is affiliated with the United for Peace and Justice.[1]

White House Conference on Hunger

Alliance to End Hunger Logo

The Biden White House agreed to host a conference after a letter coordinated by the Alliance to End Hunger, who seeks to expand the role of government in food systems, was signed by multiple advocacy organizations on March 14, 2022.[2]

The letter reads in part:

"...Food insecurity negatively impacts health, educational access, workforce readiness and business productivity. In addition, the COVID pandemic has affected food security in all corners of America, while also widening the disparities in food insecurity among individuals who are Black, Indigenous, Latino and other people of color. Food insecurity in America is a political choice and there is an opportunity to take transformative action.
"A new White House Conference would bring together a broad range of stakeholders to comprehensively address food, nutrition, hunger and health in America. The conference should include the expertise of government agencies, the anti-hunger community, individuals who have experienced hunger and poverty, businesses, academia, and grassroots, healthcare and faith-based organizations. Ideally, it would seek to create a real, concrete plan to eliminate hunger and food insecurity, address hunger’s root causes and ensure nutritious food is accessible to all."

Friends Committee on National Legislation signed the letter.

Partner Organization of ProsperUS

Friends Committee on National Legislation is listed as a "Partner Organization" of ProsperUS,[3] a coalition of leftist groups formed during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to demand massive government spending, including Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" spending bill.[4],[5],[6]

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