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Frantz Fanon speaking in Accra, Ghana 1958 (unknown photographer)

Frantz Fanon was an anti-colonialist Marxist theorist, of whom Barack Obama wrote admiringly in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father.

2016 reference from Obama

Barack Obama mentioned Frantz Fanon in an article posted at Quartz:[1]. While speaking of his time as a student, Barack Obama was quoted as saying:

“I’m humorless, and you know, have one plate and one towel, and fasting on Sundays, and friends start noticing that I’m begging off going out at night because I have to read Sartre or something. You know, so in retrospect, wildly pretentious. And when I read back old journals from that time, because I’m starting to write, or letters that I’ve written to girls you’re courting or something, they’re impenetrable…There’s all kinds of references to Foucault and Frantz Fanon and all this stuff and I’m like what—what are you talking about?”

John Drew Reference

John Drew was a former Marxist radical who claims to have known Barack Obama in his university days. In an article published at American Thinker on February 24, 2011,[2] John Drew wrote:

::"I know this may be implausible to some readers, but I distinctly remember Obama surprising me by bringing up Frantz Fanon and colonialism. He impressed me with his knowledge of these two topics, topics which were not among my strong points -- or of overwhelming concern to me. [[[John Drew-Occidental|John Drew]]'s then-girlfriend Caroline] Boss and Barack Obama seemed to think their ideological purity was a persuasive argument in predicting that a coming revolution would end capitalism. While I felt I was doing them a favor by providing them with the latest research, I saw I was in danger of being cast as a reactionary who did not grasp the nuances of international Marxist theory."

'Aime Cesaire'

Vice President for George Soros' Open Society Foundations Patrick Gaspard "considers as a personal hero Aime Cesaire, the pioneering black-pride poet and politician" who taught Marxist Frantz Fanon.[3].


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