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Franklin (Frank) Wallick

DSOC meeting

On May 18, 1974, the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee organized a meeting in Washington DC. Panelists included Sanford Gottlieb, executive director of SANE, Bill Duchessi, secretary - treasurer of the Textile Workers Union, Franklin Wallick, editor of the UAW Washington Report, Ralph Hellstein, President emeritus of the United Packinghouse Workers, Tilford Dudley of the D.C. Democratic Central Committee, Curtis Gans, staff director for Eugene McCarthy, during his 1968 presidential run.[1]

Democratic Agenda

More than 1,200 people attended the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee initiated Democratic Agenda Conference held November 16-18, 1979, at the International Inn and Metropolitan AM Church in Washington 1 DC. The conference focused on "corporate power'; as the key barrier to "economic and political democracy," concepts many Democratic Agenda participants defined as "socialism.'

The Democratic Agenda meetings attempted to develop anti-corporate alternatives" through influencing the direction of the Democratic Party during the period leading to the July 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York.

Workshops included "The Platform Process & Political Action Committees" - Frank Wallick, moderator; Bill Dodds, Elaine Kamarck, Leon Shull, Marjorie Phyfe.[2]

DSA Labor Commission

In 1990, Frank Wallick was the editor of the Democratic Socialists of America Labor Commission newsletter, Labor Voice. [3]


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