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Frank McNulty was a leader of the Socialist Unity Party in Christchurch.

Last SUP Central Committee meeting before split

Wellington March 1990.


Back Joe Tepania, Dave Arthur, Alan Ware, Ken Douglas, Graeme Whimp, Richie Gillespie, Doug McCallum, Jan Farr, Joe Tonner.

Front row Frank McNulty, Jack Marston, Marilyn Tucker, Robin Tate, Bruce Skilton, George Jackson, Bill Andersen.

WFTU delegation

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories May 3 2020 ·


Related to the previous post the is the full FOL delegation to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). in East Berlin and includes Bobbie Ruka Northern Hotel, Hospital and Restaurant Workers Union, Frank McNulty Ice Cream Workers Union, Eve May Northern Clerical Workers Union, Henry Stubbs Wellington Tramways Union. Julia Knight Wellington Clerical union took photo.