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Frank Clarke

March against benefit cuts

1991 - Feb 1, Doug McCallum was organiser of Auckland march against benefit cuts at which there was big red CPNZ banner "Build a United Front of Labour - Communist Party" and many smaller red flags. Frank Clarke spoke to crowd, also there were Bill Andersen & Sue Bradford.


1984 April 8th, Ken Douglas attended meeting in Auckland celebrating 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between NZ and Soviet Union, organized by NZ-USSR Friendship Society. Reps from Soviet embassy, Labour MP Eddie Isbey, Mayor of Mt Eden Philippa Cunningham, SUP's Barbara Stewart, Auckland Trades Council secretary Frank Clarke and Thelma Clarke were there.

May Day Auckland


Len Smith, Margaret Wilson, Johnny Mitchell, Frank Clarke, Bill Andersen, Jim Knox, Frank Barnard.

ATC March


NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories January 11 20l6 · Auckland, New Zealand.

1979 FOL Auckland Trades Council March.

Union leaders front row of march, from left–Mike Jackson, Jim Knox (turned), David Thorpe Combined State Unions, Jim Anderton (NZ Labour Party), Eileen Tourell, Peter Purdue, Len Smith, Adrian Webster PSA, Frank Clarke.