Floyd B. McKissick

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Floyd B. McKissick

Black voting "bloc"

In 1968, John Conyers told The Worker, a Communist Party USA publication, that he was organizing a committee of blacks to evaluate candidates for the 1968 election. It was part of his overall program to organize American Negroes into one voting bloc. For his evaluating committee, he had chosen, among others, the revolutionaries Stokely Carmichael, Ralph Abernathy and Floyd B. McKissick.[1]

National Conference of Black Lawyers

McKissick was a founding member of the National Conference of Black Lawyers.[2]

According to the National Conference of Black Lawyers website[3];

In 1968, young people of African descent in America were growing impatient with the slow pace of social change. Despite modest advances brought on by two decades of non-violent resistance, from one end of the country to the other, the cry for Black Power was raised in the midst of a sea of clinched fists. At the same time, this new militant spirit had moved many to don black berets and carry rifles. On street corners in practically every Black community, passers-by heard demands for Nation Time and Power to the People!

The National Conference of Black Lawyers and its allied organization, the National Lawyers Guild are the U.S. affiliates of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.[4]

The IADL, was a "front" for the former Soviet Union and is still dominated by communist and socialist lawyers and legal organizations.

GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee

Circa 1969,Floyd B. McKissick, President, McKissick Enterprises, Inc., New York , was listed as a sponsor of the Socialist Workers Party led GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee .[5]

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