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Faizan Syed

Template:TOCnestleft Faizan Syed studied physics, astronomy and math at Drake University. He is the executive director of the newly formed CAIR - Missouri. According to his Twitter bio: "I'm the executive director of CAIR - St. Louis. I also educate people about Islam and Muslims, and work to establish justice on this planet."[1]

Faizan Syed of CAIR - Missouri honors Bassem Masri

Faizan Syed on Bassem Masri on Facebook Feb 25 2019
Faizan Syed of CAIR honors the late Bassem Masri

The CAIR - Missouri branch of CAIR gave a "lifetime achievement award" to the late Bassem Masri."[2] Faizan Syed posted a video on Facebook honoring Bassem Masri.[3],[4]

"We are honored to give our lifetime achievement award to Muslim Palestinian-American Ferguson Protester Bassem Masri for his heroic work connecting the struggle for Black liberation with Palestinian liberation.
Screenshot from CAIR annual dinner March 2019

Bassem Masri's father, Zuhdi Masri will recieve [sic] the award on his son's behalf at 'Faith Led, Justice Driven' CAIR - Missouri's 6th Annual Banquet."

According to a Facebook invitation,[5],[6] Linda Sarsour will also be a "special guest speaker." "Other awards will be given to Dr. Anjum Shariff former President of CAIR - Missouri and Ali Chaudhry former Board member of CAIR - Missouri."[7]

The following individuals claimed to be attending the event:

Southwest Florida Community Foundation

Faizan Syed shared Hassan Shibly's post on Facebook[8] on December 27 2018 that the Southwest Florida Community Foundation gave a $90,000 grant to CAIR - Florida to "expand their services."


"Exciting News! CAIR - Florida is happy to announce that thanks to the generosity facilitated by the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, immigrants in need of protecting their legal status in South West Florida or securing citizenship will have increased access to professional attorneys who will assist them free of charge!
"The Southwest Florida Community Foundation is awarding CAIR-FL a grant of over $89,000 to help us expand our services into South West Florida!
"This generous grant will allow us to open an office in Fort Meyers, Fl and hire a staff member to expand our statewide services locally throughout Southwest Florida!
"We will provide hundreds of immigrants with free legal training about their rights and provide free legal representation to assist and protect those seeking the American dream.
"Inspired by the foundation's generosity? Make a donation to CAIR-FL today to help us better serve the community tomorrow!
"Also be on the look out for a job posting soon as we hire a regional coordinator for the region!
"Special thanks to the Southwest Florida Community Foundation for their generous support to assist those who are most vulnerable!


Then I got swept up in the politics around the Iowa Caucuses in 2008 with Obama, Clinton and McCain, so I switched my majors to politics and history. Then the Ground Zero controversy made Islam an American issue. With the pastor burning Qurans and the right-wing media always making CAIR the villain, I knew I had to work for them. [9]