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Evan Lemire has spent about half his life in New Zealand. His family moved there from California in 2005, largely because of a sense of disgust towards US foreign policy. It was in New Zealand that he had his first experiences with political activism. He spent much of his time campaigning and canvassing with the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, an environmentalist (and increasingly anti-capitalist) political party. It wasn’t until returning to the United States that socialist politics became a major focus for him. The failure of the Bernie Sanders campaign, for which Evan spent time volunteering, brought him to socialist politics. His first experiences in socialist organizing were with Socialist Alternative in early 2017. He eventually became disillusioned with the organization’s structure, and became an active member of the DSA soon after. Since joining he has focused his efforts on the Housing Working Group, helping to develop our relationship with coalition partners such as City Life/Vida Urbana. In the past six months our work with CLVU has grown in scale and in scope, and we are now averaging two major housing justice canvasses each month.[1]

Boston DSA Synthesis Slate

Introducing: the Boston Democratic Socialists of America Synthesis Slate Feb 22, 2018.

Synthesis is a group of committed DSA members with diverse perspectives and ideas who all share the strong conviction that pluralism is DSA’s greatest strength. We are eager to make major changes in the American political landscape, including the elimination of all forms of oppression, imperialism, inequality, and suffering, and we understand that we must reflect those desires in our internal structure and choices as an organization. We value transparent, direct democracy, radical kindness, sincere debate and discussion, and empowering members to create the DSA (and world) that they want to see. We believe that we can achieve socialism in our lifetimes. We’re running for Steering Committee and officer positions; meet us below!

Members Beth Huang, Maddie Howard, Kit Cali, Evan Lemire, Kathryn Anderson, Presley Pizzo, Valerie Young, Vaughn Allen Goodwin. Clyde Grubbs and Louise Parker withdrew their candidacies.[2]

Socialist Punk Caucus

Members of Democratic Socialists of America's Socialist Punk Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed November 24, 2017, included Evan Lemire.[3]