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Evan Kolosna lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

DSA leadership training

Kaitlin Marone November 26 2018:

So inspired after this regional DSA leadership training we had in Asheville, NC! Thanks to everyone who came from NC, SC, and TN! Thanks especially to Asheville DSA who did an incredible job hosting & to BeLoved Asheville for providing such a lovely space. Looking forward to all we're going to do to #organizethesouth together.


(please tag or untag yourselves as you would like! facebook did a lot of it automatically??) — with Kyle Reichel, Allie Cohn, Julie Gautreau, Noah Hall, Tara Rose, Andrew Kunza, Liam Kelly, Evan Kolosna, Le Retif Christian, Rance Orrell and Dennis Prater.

Alison Boland-Reeves Melissa Martinez, connecting you here to my other very good DSA friend, Kaitlin Marone. Y’all have been tag teaming on pulling me in to Democratic socialism for the last little while so I thought I’d do this little gesture to connect you both, since you’re both inspiring powerhouses!

NC Student Power Union activists

NC Student Power Union May 23, 2014 ·


With D'atra Jackson, Zaina Alsous, Stefan Weathers, Katie Miller, Casey Aldridge, Sarona Abuaker, Evan Kolosna and Elisa Benitez Hernandez.

NC Student Power Union May 23, 2014 ·


With Elizabeth Brown, D'atra Jackson, Bryan Perlmutter, Saif Wideman, Sarona Abuaker, Laurel Ashton, Jess Ella May, Casey Aldridge, Evan Kolosna, Elisa Benitez Hernandez, Sanyu Lukwago and Zaina Alsous.