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Eunice Cho

Template:TOCnestleft Eunice Cho is a Staff Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, where she litigates and advocates on behalf of immigrant detainees and low-wage immigrant workers. Previously, she worked as a Staff Attorney and Skadden Fellow for the National Employment Law Project's Immigrant Worker Justice Project.[1]


Eunice Cho was born in Urbana, Illinois in 1978 to parents from Korea who are naturalized US citizens. Her family resides in Tempe, Arizona.

Eunice Cho received her J.D. from Stanford University and clerked for Hon. Judge Kim M. Wardlaw of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Los Angeles. She graduated from Yale University, magna cum laude, with distinction in the double majors of American studies and ethnicity, race and migration in 2000. She also received the Holmes Pearson Prize for best senior thesis in American studies.

Cho co-organized and participated in the US migrant rights delegation to the 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism in South Africa. Since 2002,she has also served as the Education Director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. In this role, she headed the BRIDGE project (Building a Race and Immigration Dialogue in the Global Economy), and co-authored a curriculum for immigrant community groups in the US, which received the 2004 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award. She has served as a board member for Freedom University Georgia, ASISTA, the US Human Rights Network, and Incite! Women of Color Against Violence.

Eunice Cho intends a career as an immigration lawyer, a political activist, and a legal scholar of migration issues.[2]


BA double majors of American studies and ethnicity, race and migration in 2000, Yale 2000,

JD Stanford Law School, 2009.

Fellowship awarded to support work towards a JD in Law at Stanford University. Her study at Stanford was funded by a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans.[3]

Korea Solidarity Committee

In 2003 Christine Ahn and Eunice Cho of the Korea Solidarity Committee, and Kawal Ulanday of CHRP and Filipinos for Affirmative Action gave talks entitled: "Korea/Philippines Solidarity Forum" In these talks, the speakers examined the U.S. Administration's intervention in Korea and the Philippines and the resistance of these communities. The talks were co-sponsored by CHRP and the Korea Solidarity Group. The classes were held at the San Francisco based Center for Political Education, an organization closely associated with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.[4]

For May Day and Beyond: White People Step up for Immigrant Rights!

From a May 2006 letter;

In the past month, five million people, mostly immigrants of color, have mobilized for justice and are making history, flooding the streets in unprecedented numbers. Meanwhile, the most visible participation by white people is coming from the racist and right wing leaders who are defining and dominating the debate in the Federal government and in the news, radio and opinion pages. Where are the voices of anti-racist white people in this crucial moment, when the worst anti-immigrant legislation in decades is still poised to drop?
We, white people who believe in justice and ending racism, have a responsibility and a historic opportunity to stand with immigrant communities and unite behind their demands. As white people, most of us with U.S. citizenship, we call out to our white communities to take to the streets for immigrant rights. We must demonstrate that the rightwing racists, from the Minutemen to in the Congress, do not represent us!
If you agree with these principles, we invite you to sign this letter and make your signature a commitment to putting them into action in your work and life.
In struggle,

Catalyst Project and the Heads Up Collective

Endorsed by: Carlos Munoz, Jr., professor, UC Berkeley, Betita Martinez, Institute for Multiracial Justice, Maria Poblet, St Peters Housing Committee, Eric Mar, Eunice Cho, Sheila Chung, Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition, Renee Saucedo, Day Labor Program/La Raza Centro Legal, Kali Akuno, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Jose Palafox, professor, Stanford University, Phil Hutchings, Institute for Multiracial Justice.[5]

"Not one more deportation" Atlanta protest

Kate Shaps November 21, 2014:


With Amilcar Ernesto Valencia, Juan Evans, Eshe Shukura, Catherine Han Montoya, Eunice Cho, Jess St. Louis, Anna Simonton, Carter Ture, B. Loewe, Ade Nicholls, Mary Hooks, Paulina Helm-Hernandez and Vanessa Faraj.

Atlanta immigration rally


Atlanta Jobs with Justice October , 2015;

Atlanta Jobs with Justice is proud to be a part of the #GANot1More Coalition and stand with Glahriadores in the fight to keep #ICE out of #Fulton County Jails! #Not1More #NiUnaMas! — with Ashe Helm-Hernandez, Azadeh Shahshahani, Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Ade Nicholls, Eunice Cho, Neil Sardana and Dianne Mathiowetz.



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