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Template:TOCnestleft The Eugene V. Debs Foundation is based in Terre Haute, Indiana.


The purpose of the Foundation is to own, maintain and operate the Eugene V. Debs home at 451 North Eighth Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, on a non-profit basis, in order to:

(a) be a memorial to Eugene V. Debs and Theodore Debs and receive, hold and administer such gifts of money, property, works of art, historical papers and documents, museum specimens and other material having educational, artistic or historical value;

(b) serve as an archive and resource for research and education in the social sciences and in labor and political history. From the by-laws of the foundation, Founded 1962.

Debs' house

The first priority of the Debs Foundation when founded in 1962 was to preserve the Debs Home and open it as a museum for the public. A second priority was to establish an awards program, this as another way to honor the memory of Debs and to assist in keeping alive the spirit of progressivism, humanitarianism and social criticism epitomized by Debs.

Each year since 1965, with 1971 excepted, an award banquet has been held in Terre Haute honoring a person whose work has been in the spirit of Debs and who has contributed to the advancement of the causes of industrial unionism, social justice, or world peace. So each late October or early November a banquet is held as a tribute to Debs and honoring an individual who has made significant contributions to society in the "Debsian" tradition. These persons may have worked in the labor movement, public service or education.[1]

Foundation Officers

As of 2011;[2]

Award Recipients