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Eugene Prosnitz was a New York lawyer and socialist. he died in 2002. his wife and law partner's name was Sandy.

Gene Prosnitz, long time DSAer and lifelong socialist, and DL Editorial Committee member, . Prosnitz was the first judicial candidate DSA ever endorsed in two close-call elections for a major judgeship in New York City.

Prosnitz was a civil rights attorney with a specialty in employment law, and won many cases for women and men discriminated against by their employers because of their race, gender or disability. He was also director of the Legal Services offices in the Bronx, where he developed survival strategies for indigent defendants "in that rather impoverished borough". [1]

DSA member

In 1990, Eugene Prosnitz, member of Democratic Socialists of America ran for Civil Court judge on New York's East Side.[2]

In 2002, Gene Prosnitz served on the Democratic Left editorial committee.[3]


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