Esteban Del Rio

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Esteban Del Rio

How Class Works

At the How Class Works - 2002 Conference, panels included;

“ Global Inequalities and Pedagogical Challenges”

“ The Transformative Impact of Class Talk for College Students”

2.3 Class, Race, and the American Dream Panels included;

  • Esteban Del Rio, University of San Diego – Communications

“ Categories and Constraints: Emergent Latino Subjects and the American Dream”

  • John Manley, Stanford University– Political Science (emeritus)

“American Liberalism and the Democratic Dream: Transcending the American Dream”

  • Ronald Mendel, University College Northampton (UK) – American Studies

“Dreamin’ in Class: The American Dream Considered from the Perspective of Class”

“Protecting the Neighborhood Drugstore: Class, Race, and Community in Nineteenth-Century Lower Manhattan”