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Erika Andiola

Erika Andiola is an illegal immigration activist. She was Bernie Sanders press secretary and served as Political Director of Our Revolution as of 2017. She is Chief Advocacy Officer at RAICES and has served as Communications Director at Movement Voter Project.

In a relationship with Kai Newkirk.

Matt Nelson March 26, 2018 ·

WOW!!! It’s been an incredible past few days at Two major victories with amazing partners! When we organize, we win!

1) We blocked Trump’s Department of Labor from stealing workers tips, adding protections for millions of workers and defending $Billions in tips. And;

2) We were able to renew Latinx Netflix series One Day At A Time. Grateful to the amazing Presente team, our awesome partners in liberation, and the legions of Presentista members who make the movement move!

  1. Victory — with Kelly Ortiz, Erick Garcia, Erika Andiola, Elisa Batista, Oscar A. Chacon, Favianna Rodriguez, Gabriel Rey-Goodlatte, Reetu Mody and Erica Scott-Pacheco.

Connection to Hamid Bendaas

Hamid Bendaas with Erika Andiola

In March 2018, Hamid Bendaas praised former Bernie Sanders press secretary, DACA recipient and advocate for illegal immigration Erika Andiola, referring to her as "one of the best people on the planet."[1] In 2017, Hamid Bendaas claimed that "[P]eople like Erika are a big part of the reason DACA exists at all."[2]

Campaigning for Sinema


Kai Newkirk and Erika Andiola campaigning for Kyrsten Sinema and David Garcia November 2018.

Feel the Bern


No matter what, we've made history together. Thank you all for the unbelievable experience, we truly gave it our all. #AZForBernie #FeelTheBern — with Michelle Armer, Renu Kaur Sidhu, Jose Miranda, Shannon Spellman, Martin Vega, Joe Murphy, Annie Podk, Kassandra Alvarez, Michael Martinez, Julio Caesar, Julio D. Zuniga, Mark Cardenas, Todd Wiandt, Patrick Morales, Hector Rivera, Caesar Vargas, Erika Andiola, Lupita Arreola, Carlos A. Sanchez Savinon, Angel Fernandez, Maria Castro and Warren Jason, Jr. at The Vig Fillmore.

DACA Activists at Peoples Summit June 2017

DACA Activists at The People's Summit 2017 June 2017 (From left to right: Belen Sisa, Tania Unzueta, Erika Andiola, Basi Lisa, Tereza Lee)

Tereza Lee was a part of a group that advocated for DACA at The People's Summit 2017.[3]

Women's March

The Women's March was an organized anti-Trump protest scheduled on the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration, January 21, 2017. Erika Andiola was a speaker.

Bazta Arpaio activists

Bazta Arpaio October 13, 2016

Starting today, Maricopa County voters have ballots in hand. Help us get-out-the-vote by signing up for a shift.


Text Bazta 33888 to find the closest canvass to you

Or visit us at the Bazta Arpaio office, 1939 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85009... See More — with Chris Fleischman, Ken Chapman, Stanford Prescott, Viridiana Hernandez, Carlos Garcia, Tania Unzueta, Ben Laughlin, Orlando Arenas, Devin Fleenor, Francisca Porchas, Heidi Hess, Erika Andiola, Vikter Medina, Diane Ovalle, Erika Ovalle, Ma Cruz Ramirez, Ramon Aquino, Maria RVarela, Lucia Raiz, Leidy Robledo, Norma Jimenez, Abril Gallardo, Maxima Guerrero, Diego Lozano and Parris Ashley Wallace.

Latino Outreach Strategist

Erika Andiola (initially Latino Outreach Strategist) for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. President of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition from 2009.

Working for Sinema

January 2013, A high-profile undocumented youth activist joined newly-elected Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's staff.

The Arizona Democrat hired Erika Andiola, a leading DREAM Act advocate, to work as a district outreach staffer.

"We've hired Erika to be the outreach director for our office," Sinema said in an interview with ABC/Univision. "She's a very, very smart young woman with a history of advocacy."

Sinema and Andiola met in the early 2000s when the congresswoman was serving in the state legislature and Andiola was working as a young community organizer.

As a student, Andiola has been involved in activism. She has been urging Washington leaders to pass the DREAM Act for years and was recently granted deportation relief under deferred action, a program that offers two-year reprieves from deportation to some undocumented young people.

Andiola has also been involved with Promise Arizona, a grassroots civic engagement organization aimed at recruiting a new generation of leaders, and she has worked countless hours promoting the DREAM Act. She has camped in front of congressional leader's offices and attended rallies. She has urged people to vote and spoken at workshops aimed at helping people apply for deferred action.[4]

Supreme Court protest

Belen Sisa April 2, 2018.


With Edder Diaz Martinez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Vasthy Lamadrid, Erika Andiola, Perla Martinez, Alex Baker, Cormac Doebbeling, Jocelyn Gallardo, Isela Blanc, David Garcia, Jake Bell for Arizona, Korina Iribe-Romo, Isa ONeal, Karina Ruiz and Garrick McFadden at Arizona Supreme Court.

Supreme Court arrests

Belen Sisa January 26;


The #Dream7 + #OneLove is about to walk into court to be seen by a judge for their arrests at Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Carlos Curbelo DC offices & #JailStrike last month where we demanded Congress pass a Clean #DreamActNow. We’re still waiting! #NoDreamNoDeal — with Erika Andiola, Jeff Fuentes, Juan Carlos Carabantes, Hector Jairo Martinez, Barbara Hernandez, Li A. Castillo and Cata Santiago at Supreme Court of the United States.