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Ellen Kaiser

Template:TOCnestleft Ellen Kaiser is the partner of Max Elbaum.

Line of March regional contacts

In 1980, Line of March regional contacts included;[1]

Althusser article

Michael Downing, Pat Gold, Ellen Kaiser, Carol Marsh, Bunny Olsen, Mike Withey, were contributors to an article in Line of March Vol 1,No 6, May/June 1981, "Althusserian Marxism - a beginning critique Part 1"[2]



Frank Palermo, Loretta Hobbs, Tom Angotti, Vicki Baldassano, Ellen Kaiser, Bruce Occena, James Early, Janette Ripley, Judith Tyler, were contributors to Frontline May 11, 1987

As at Nov. 13, 1989, the listed editors of Line of March's Frontline were:

Gay March on Washington


Assisting Rose Appleman's coverage of the March for Lesbian and Gay Rights, were Judy Berelsen, Melinda Paras, Linda Kahn, Ellen Kaiser Photographers were John Jackson, Barbara Maggiani, Totoy Rocamora, Janette Ripley.


San Francisco Monday, December 22, 2005 "Impressions from Vietnam"

Center for Political Education.

War Times/Tiempo de Guerras Organizing Committee members Max Elbaum and Ellen Kaiser visited Vietnam for two weeks November 2005.

They will share their impressions from time spent in Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and at the Memorial Park at the site of the infamous 1968 My Lai massacre. The program will include comments on the importance of a strong antiwar movement in the U.S. - then and now - and donations will be requested for War Times/Tiempo de Guerras, the country's only nationwide, bilingual newspaper primarily devoted to opposing Bush's so-called "War on Terrorism."

Co-sponsored by War Times/Tiempo de Guerras & the Center for Political Education A Benefit for War Times/Tiempo de Guerras.[3]

Center for Political Education



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