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Template:TOCnestleft Ella Baker Center for Human Rights runs cutting-edge, solutions-driven campaigns for justice, peace and opportunity in our cities. The nationally-renowned Green-Collar Jobs Campaign works to leverage the explosive growth of the new green economy to create meaningful career opportunities for poor people and people of color.

In Oakland, the Campaign anchors a multi-sector coalition called the Oakland Apollo Alliance and spearheads a local demonstration project — the Oakland Green Jobs Corps — to showcase job training that can provide "green pathways out of poverty." Statewide, the Campaign advocates for green-collar policy solutions for California, in partnership with major labor, environmental, business, and education institutions, that can create many thousands of good jobs as well as a strong infrastructure for green workforce development.

Nationally, the Campaign played a central role in the passage of the federal Green Jobs Act of 2007, which authorizes 5 million annually for green job training, with million specifically allocated to "pathways out of poverty" programs.

Ella Baker Center Staff & Board

Ella Baker Center boasts a staff of more than 20 world-class human rights activists and advocates. It is the quality of the people at Ella Baker Center, who come from all walks of life and from all over the country, that makes what we do possible.

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Books Not Bars Team:

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Team

Soul of the City

Heal the Streets

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