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Ella's Daughters is a network of organizations based on the principles and theories of Ella Baker. REFUSE FASCISM accepts tax-exempt donations through the Alliance for Global Justice.[1]


  • "Highlight and publicize ongoing work through a website, emails and publicity campaigns. Make visible the extensive work that is ongoing and help women connect across geographic, issue, race and class divides."
  • Connect people with other people and with resources that can help to launch new projects.
  • Convene an annual or bi-annual gathering of Ella’s Daughters' network to share, celebrate, strategize, commiserate and support one another.
  • "Advance awareness about Baker and those she worked with who represent the basic tenets of her beliefs."[2]


Ainsley LeSure Alice Kim
Ann Russo Barbara Ransby
Bernardine Dohrn Camil Williams
Camille Odeh Carlos Drazen
Cathy Cohen Christi Ketchum
Corina Pedraza Palaminos Dara Cooper
Darlene Nava Munoz Elizabeth Todd
Fallon Wilson Indian Summer Day
Jane M. Saks Jeanne Kracher
Jenine Wehbeh Julie Lee Merseth
Kristin Millikan Latoya Stampley
Leena Odeh Linda Hillman
Lisa Yun Lee Lynette Jackson
Maria Flanagan Marta Ayala
Martha Biondi Miryam Rashid
Rae Wright Sherie Randolph
Sussan Navabi Tracye Matthews
Trisha McWilliams Veronica Precious Bohanan
Yvette Hyter Zorayda Ortiz

Affiliate organizations include: MADRE, Alliance for Global Justice, James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, Critical Resistance, Disabled Peoples International, Hands Off Assata, Incite!, People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition, The Praxis Project, Project South, Sista Girls, Sista 2 Sista Hermana a Hermana, SWC, United Social Forum, Women of Color Resource Center, Black Youth Project, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and Document the Silence.[3]

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