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Elias Khoury is a Michigan affiliate of Young Democratic Socialists of America.

The Activist

The Activist Editorial Board is a subcommittee of the Young Democratic Socialists of America National Political Education Committee, composed of volunteers from YDSA chapters across the country.

In December 2020 the Editorial Board consisted of:

Michigan Specter

In 2020 Trenten Ingell, Joshua Sodicoff, Joseph Lobodzinski, Mahnoor Imran[2], Mike Machesky, Bri Jackson, Ashvin Pai, Justin Yuan, Noah Streng, Alex Nobel were all contributors to the Michigan Specter, official publication of the University of Michigan Young Democratic Socialists of America.[3]

Other writers or designers included Connor Cain, Elias Khoury, Emily Zielinski, Alex Zittleman, Cal Abbo.[4]

YDSA support

University of Michigan Young Democratic Socialists of America

Our chapter is pleased to report that we have accomplished quite a bit in the opening few months of the school year. For starters, we have seen a huge uptick in membership. We have used this increase in numbers to mobilize around progressive US House candidate Solomon Rajput. A progressive Democrat running on Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, Rajput is taking on the Dingells’ 85-year political dynasty. Thus far, our members have knocked hundreds of doors for him and organized a town hall-style event so that he can directly address constituents and answer any questions they might have about his candidacy. Rajput’s inspiring campaign, and our involvement therein, has served to further reaffirm the fact that young people have the potential to incite tremendous change in our society. – Elias Khoury. [5]