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EPICA:Ecumenical Program For Inter-American Communication and Action

This is a small organization of marxist/marxist-oriented "liberation theology" Christians, led by Reverend Phil Wheaton, who also has been identified in the Oct. 5, 1979 issue of Information Digest, p. 313, as belonging to the small marxist group, Christians for Socialism, along with Kathleen Schultz.

Wheaton and EPICA have been a part of the Anti-Defense Lobby and the Anti-Intelligence Lobby for decades[1]


An ad in CounterSpy Magazine, Vol. 3, Issue 2, December 1976, page 72, was for "Panama:Sovereignty for a Land Divided", EPICA, 1500 Farragut St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20011, $2.50 per copy.

"Now Available: A compilation of the most current and informative writings now in print regarding the Panama Canal issue. This 128-page primer is an essential resource for educators, writers, politicians, and social, civic and church organizations concerned about justice for Panama and the upcoming Canal treaty."