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Dyln Namm is a member of the youth wing of League of Revolutionaries for a New America.[1] Lives in New York, New York

Manages Marxist News, Students and Youth for a New America and Opioids: A Crisis Created By Capitalism.


Studies Sociology at The New School.


  • Works at The New School
  • Intern at Lutheran Social Services of New York

Comrade Lenin's Dank Meme Stash

Dyln Namm April 24, 2018 near New York, NY ·


The admin team is working to bring back the group. Please be patient as we work with Facebook. — with Jordan Ashley Brookes, Chris McGrane, David A. Marin, Trevor Hill, Salvatore Noth and Gunnar Angeles.

New School occupation

Dyln Namm May 7, 2018:


Yanis Varoufakis, Former Minister of Finance of Greece supports #OccupyTNS. He poses for a picture with students at the occupation and offered to not go forward with his talk in solidarity. The New School — with Morgan and Yanis Varoufakis at The New School.

Dyln Namm May 9, 2018:


At work during #occupytns — attending an event with Robert Cremins and Dora Suarez at The New School.


SYNA recruiting

On April 8th, 2017 in Union Square SYNA activists Caleb Maupin, Dakotah Lilly, Dyln Namm and Nick Maniace were hard at work handing out flyers, talking to New Yorkers about Syria, the United States government, and politics in general, selling the book “What’s next for the Political Revolution”, and otherwise recruiting members for SYNA. Hundreds of flyers were given out and the overall consensus of the public varied from saying the United States of America needs to keep its military out of foreign countries affairs, to fully supporting the United States and its foreign policy. Overall the day was a huge success for the Students and Youth for a New America as we made many contacts from nearby colleges and other interested individuals.[2]

Venezuelan connection

Students and Youth for a New America June 3, 2017


SYNA organizers Dakotah Lilly and Dyln Namm with Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Rafael Carreno, and Solidarity Activist William Camacaro, and journalist Caleb Maupin.