Dorothy Sue Cobble

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Dorothy Sue Cobble

"Women and Unions"

Dorothy Sue Cobble, was the editor of "Women and Unions: Forging a Partnership". (Ithaca, NY; ILR Press, 1993). Contributors included Margaret Halleck, of the University of Oregon and formerly of the Service Employees International Union, Jean Ross and Ronnie Steinberg, both of whom have been active in Democratic Socialists of America, Gloria Johnson - a vice president of the International Union of Electronic Workers, new president of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, a newly elected member of the AFL-CIO executive council, Susan Cowell, an International Ladies Garment Workers Union vice president and DSA activist, Virginia duRivage and David C. Jacobs, Leslie Nulty of the UFCW, DSA activist Roberta Lynch.[1]

How Class Works

Dorothy Sue Cobble, served on a panel at the How Class Works - 2002 Conference



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