Dorothee Benz

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Dorothee Benz

Dorothee Benz is a New York labor activist.

DSA member

In 1990, Dorothee Benz, was active in the Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section. [1]

In 1993 Dorothee Benz was a member of New York City Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

In 1994 Dorothee Benz was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She was named as communications director of Local 23-25 of the international Ladies' Garment Workers Union and wrote articles concerning Southern Africa and lesbian issues.[3]

Anti Apartheid

In 1991, Dorothee Benz was a member of the New York Labor Committee Against Apartheid.[4]

Democratic Left

In 1996 Dorothee Benz served on the Editorial Board of Democratic Socialists of America magazine, Democratic Left.[5]


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